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Mid-Size Business
With 51-200 Employees

Big Gains for Mid-Sized Businesses

As you continue to grow and acclimate to a medium-size enterprise model, you will likely face new challenges.

While nearly half of all medium-sized businesses anticipate and pursue growth, many still don’t have the time and resources to keep pace with it. Some top challenges small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) face include attracting quality talent (56%) and generating new business.

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VensureHR Accelerates Growth

From payroll and employee benefits to workers’ compensation and a wealth of PEO services for SMBs, VensureHR’s solutions enhance the existing framework of your business. Expert professionals can assist in back-office administration that intrudes on the valuable time you could use to generate new business and nurture your current clientele.

Services for Mid-Size Businesses

Our HR services include interviewing, background screening, pre-employment forms and documentation, onboarding, maintaining compliance, and more. Our HR experts remain current on industry trends to help find practical solutions that allow you to attract, retain, and stay competitive in the job market. Link up with one of our recruiting specialists to undertake your search for superior candidates.

Benefits for Mid-Size Businesses

Additionally, PEOs like VensureHR offer more than the traditional medical, dental, vision, and 401(k) benefits. Supplementary benefits like life, long-term and short-term disability, accident, gap, critical illness, and hospital indemnity are also available. Explore VensureHR’s Marketplace, where our innovative offerings include medical cost-sharing programs, pet insurance, car rental discounts, financial wellness and management, and identity theft protection. Access to competitive benefits can help you remain a strong contender in the marketplace.

Additional Benefits for Mid-Size Businesses

Outside of HR and benefits, we can assist with payroll, risk and compliance, and workers’ compensation. On top of our core service offerings, we also provide industry education (i.e., free webinars, training, assessments), support (i.e., answering questions and concerns, navigating service software systems, best practices), and resources (i.e., additional services through our partnerships). With VensureHR, you will have confidence that you have the right team to assist you in finding greater success.

Mid-Size Businesses We Serve

We specialize in many fast-growing sectors of the business world, including TechnologyHealthcareFinancial Services, and Insurance Services. We partner with companies across the country in all areas of business.

First or Best?
You Decide.

Would you rather be first in your industry? Or the best? At VensureHR, we believe being the best will make you the first in your market. That’s why we understand PEO isn’t for everyone and deliver mix-and-match services tailored to your business’s specific needs. Because of the quality of our services and products, we pride ourselves on changing your perspective of partnering with a PEO as an “expense” into an “investment.” We know how hard you’ve worked to hit your goals, so we work even harder to give you time back to generate greater success. Instead of being the 60% of businesses that lose profitability or break even, be the 30% that become profitable through the support of VesnureHR.

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