Small Business

With 1-50 Employees

Strengthening Small Business with Simplicity

Small businesses are modest but mighty. Lots of moving parts in the day-to-day operations that influence a business’s success. However, as a small business, you are in the perfect position to develop the power to endure the hardest trials ahead. And VensureHR is your collaborator in helping to strengthen your small business with simplicity.

VensureHR focuses on small businesses because we understand the amount of time, energy, an effort required to build your business. Our mission is to give you time back to focus on what matters most: customers and growth.

From payroll and HR to risk management and employee benefits, VensureHR offers mix-and-match services customized to fit your individual needs. With offices in every time zone, our team of experts are here to help answer questions and manage different aspects of your back office.

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1 Zippia | 2 NAPEO

Flexible Solutions Customized for Your Business

While we are a full-service professional employer organization (PEO), we also understand the unique demands of each business. Having served small businesses for over two decades, VensureHR begins each partnership by identifying, analyzing, and resolving your daily operational hurdles. Once we have effectively established the underlying pain points, we are able to tailor our services to your needs. For example, if you’re working on payroll outside of your standard 9-5, we offer payroll processing solutions that free up your personal calendar for things like soccer games, move night, or to just put your phone down and relax. Our goal is to provide you service options that flex with both your organizational and personal lifestyles.

You don’t need to sacrifice your time, budget, and happiness — instead reach out to VensureHR where one of our business consultants can go through a free business health diagnostic.


VensureHR Understands the Small Business Lifestyle

Throughout the entire employee lifecycle, VensureHR has you covered. From basic HR, employee benefits, payroll, risk and safety, and workers’ compensation, to more specific concerns like compliance, industry best practices, and expert guidance, VensureHR proudly serves its clients with reliable health checks and innovative solutions.

We have been rapidly growing through strategic partnerships since 2017, which has allowed us to deliver complementary services, connect with like-minded businesspeople, and positively impact the small business lifestyle.

We want to help you nurture and grow your business so you can remain in the top 10% of businesses that flourish, even in worst-case scenarios like COVID-19.

Be proactive in strengthening your small business — schedule a consultation with VensureHR today to explore our PEO services.

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