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Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) significantly impact economic growth by creating job opportunities while supporting and expanding innovation. While business administration is integral to day-to-day operations, wouldn’t you rather focus on the things that strengthen and grow your business?

OUR MISSION is to empower entrepreneurs to build stronger companies by providing innovative solutions and unparalleled service.

Helping Businesses Thrive

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VensureHR, the HR consulting and support division of Vensure, is a privately owned professional employer organization (PEO) founded in 2004 and headquartered in Chandler, Arizona. The company processes over $18.6 billion in payroll and supports more than 526,000 worksite employees. As the nation’s fastest-growing PEO, Vensure uses industry-leading technology to offer complete, end-to-end solutions for payroll, HR administration, employee benefits, risk management, and workers’ compensation services. Spanning a broad spectrum of industries, Vensure allows business owners to cost-effectively manage HR functions and focus on growth and profitability initiatives.

We See What You Don’t

Inevitably, every business develops blind spots, which are not always easy to see. Sometimes, you need someone on your side to know what you don’t.

VensureHR can help you identify your unique hurdles to greater success. We are experts in the business of doing business. We work with many clients who seek a simplified way of completing back-office administration and find effective solutions tailored to their unique business demands to refocus on nurturing their business. VensureHR is down in the trenches, and we know the common pain points and blind spots for SMBs. Get time back to focus on what matters most to you with eyes wide open.

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Our Growing Vensure Family

Vensure and our family of Division Partners are proud to serve businesses in all 50 states, Canada, and Mexico. You’ll find our offices and experienced teams nationwide, ready with dedicated service offerings and deep knowledge of employment-related matters.

Our Vensure Values

At Vensure, we understand that each team member brings a unique background that affects our overall company culture, which is why we emphasize the following qualities within our core company values:

We expect our employees to do the right thing and do our best to be transparent in all business decisions. In return, we foster accountability and trust in our employees.


We like to play just as hard as we work, so we love individuals who bring zest to our organization. From passionately working, continuing learning and progressing in respective fields, and cultivating optimism, we encourage our family of employees to bring their zest to the table.


Our work family covers various lifestyles, professional backgrounds, and academic achievements. Through our differences, we embrace change, encourage authenticity, and appreciate the diversity in individuals and ideas.


A company is only as good as those who support and nourish it. We pride ourselves on fostering collaboration between individuals and departments and empowering others to communicate and come together to support our business.


Like most, we value the integrity of our work and our employees’ attitudes. We do our best to express gratitude, fairness, and dignity in all actions.


As we continue to grow rapidly, we love that our employees bring such a fierce tenacity to push us to more remarkable successes. We thrive on being bold yet humble.


At VensureHR, we thrive on promoting our vision through creative freedom and courage to challenge the status quo.

Simplifying the Complex with Flexible Options

Our goal is to simplify your day-to-day operations, so you can continue to focus on growing your business, strengthening your interpersonal relationships, and expanding your service opportunities. We have flexible options for various organization sizes, industries, and regions.

A business solution is an investment, not an expense. For example, PEOs provide you with many advantages you likely would not have, including lower employee turnover and the ability to grow 7-9% faster. Most importantly, businesses that invest in PEO services can save up to 35% on HR administration alone and are 50% less likely to go out of business. The return on investment is more valuable than the price you pay for no results.

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A Business Partner Who Understands Your Business

From HR and benefits to payroll and workers’ compensation, VensureHR can evaluate your business health to find effective solutions that can help keep your business growing. VensureHR has been influencing business success since 2004 and has rapidly grown through acquisitions over the last five years.

We thrive on your satisfaction and business success. Check out our client reviews to learn more about how we can help you grow. 

Do business the better way and schedule a consultation with VensureHR today to see if a PEO is the right choice for you.


Vensure is the proud recipient of many distinctive awards.
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Certifications showcase our dedication to performance success and building trust with our clients.


System and Organization Controls (SOC) is a professional audit performed to assess the risks of third-party software that manages customer data online. Companies who achieve this certification attest to the trustworthiness of their services and dedication to protecting customer data. VensureHR obtained SOC 2 Type 1 certification on January 17, 2022.

Curious about our free custom HR diagnostic?

Watch a quick video to understand how Vensure completes a unique business evaluation to help diagnose what your business needs to thrive!