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“From the beginning, Vensure was there to guide us. They were quick to action requests and figure out the right solutions and the right products that would work for us”


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Recruiting Solutions for Thriving in a Competitive Market

At VensureHR we know your employees are your greatest asset. It’s the reason we give expert guidance on attracting best-fit employees. From ensuring candidates have the right experience and meet your requirements, to actively managing the hiring process, you’ll receive guidance every step of the way.

Our comprehensive recruiting strategies provide the right solutions to hire the right people. Plus, think of the time you’ll save when you turn over demanding tasks like:

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Answering Candidates’ Questions

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Screening Resumes

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Scheduling Interviews


With VensureHR’s Recruiting Solutions, Your Time is Freed up Thanks to Services Like:

Direct Candidate Communication

From answering job seekers questions to scheduling, interviewing, and initiating the hiring process, you’ll gain time and peace of mind with our expert-led recruiting services.
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Nearshore Talent

Solvo Global, a nearshore talent solution, provides educated, remote, bilingual employees as an extension of your U.S.-based team. These employees are dedicated to your business, not a shared resource, and have the ability to mirror any U.S. timezone.

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Complete Recruitment Processing

This start-to-finish solution includes screening applicants. You’ll have a partner you can count on during the recruiting process.

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employee recruiting solutions

Screening Strategies to Identify the Best Candidates

When you have VensureHR handling your recruiting, you can be sure we know how to find your ideal match for the job position and your company culture. How? We combine best-in-class recruiting strategies with your goals and input.

VensureHR’s recruiting strategies are tailored to your business needs by working with you one-on-one to learn your requirements and how your company works. With these insights, our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) gets to work pulling candidates that match your specific needs.

Next, candidates are carefully screened by verifying their skills. This is done by developing real-world assignments to validate the job seekers’ abilities. Candidates are also assessed by checking references and employment history and performing background checks for additional peace of mind.

When you have our recruiting specialists on your side, you get great candidates thanks to their screening expertise.

Imagine having your recruiting handled by experts who know what your team needs. Find out today.

Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes

Have you ever regretted a hiring decision? If so, you’re not alone. According to a 2021 survey by the global recruiting firm Robert Half, 76% of senior managers admitted hiring the wrong person for a role.

Unfortunately, there’s a price to be paid for these errors. According to the Department of Labor, the average cost of a poor hiring choice is at least 30% of the individual’s first-year earnings. That not including time and expenses lost to onboarding and training as well as:

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When you have recruiting specialists on your side, you’re hiring process is handled by experienced experts who know the hiring process inside out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some effective recruitment strategies that businesses can use to attract and hire top talent?

The recruiting strategies of five years ago are no longer effective in attracting the best talent. Recruitment strategies that are more successful include: treating the candidate like you would a customer; share job postings on social media; include specific job titles, salary information, day-to-day job duties, and information about company culture in the job descriptions; and consider implementing an employee referral program.

What are some common hiring mistakes that businesses should avoid when selecting candidates for job positions?

During the hiring process, businesses sometimes make the mistakes of posting vague or misleading job descriptions; narrowing search parameters; focusing too much on finding someone who meets all the criteria rather than someone who meets the most important criteria and has a willingness and ability to learn the rest; and not including other members of your team in interviews.

How can businesses use technology to streamline their recruitment process and make it more efficient?

Applicant tracking platforms are designed to sift through applicant profiles and select potential candidates based on the input criteria . Technology also allows interviews to be organized remotely and track a candidate’s progress from selection to hire, which will provide insight into the effectiveness of your recruiting strategy.

What are some effective interviewing techniques that businesses can use to assess the skills and suitability of job candidates?

To conduct the most effective interviews, you should: determine what type of interview you are conducting (virtual, in-person); review the job description and the candidate’s resume prior to the interview; prepare a list of interview questions in advance that assess the basic requirements of the position and also culture fit; keep the interview conversational; explain the recruiting process and next steps; and always follow up after the interview, regardless of whether you are moving forward with the candidate.

What are some best practices for onboarding new employees and ensuring that they integrate into the company culture and work environment?

The first few days at a new job are usually when an employee decides to stay or leave. It’s important to ensure the most effective onboarding experience to improve retention and experience. To do so you should: begin communicating with the employee prior to their start date; make new hire announcements to the team; set up the employee’s workstation or provide necessary equipment prior to their first day; automate parts of the process like orientation videos and presentations; schedule one-on-one meetings with team members or have new hires shadow a team member; and check-in regularly.

Improve Your Recruiting Strategy

Download our recruiting guide for important information that will help you create an effective recruiting plan.

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