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Workers' Compensation

workers compensation company

Workers' Compensation

workers compensation company

Building a Proactive Defense

VensureHR is here to help by providing workers’ compensation and risk management solutions to reduce your exposure, increase compliance with state and federal laws, and bring peace of mind.

VensureHR can provide flexible workers’ compensation options with “A”-rated carriers to ensure you receive the best rates. Other flexible options include pay-as-you-go compensation, which allows you to base payments on real payroll and pay premiums at the time of processing. Pay-as-you-go compensation removes standard market deposits, annual audits, and surprise annual lump sums.

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  • No Medical Evidence of Injury
  • Statutory Definition Disqualifications
  • Pre-existing Condition
  • Intoxication or Drug-related Violation
  • Failure to Promptly Report an Accident 
  • Misrepresentation

Through VensureHR’s workers’ compensation claim services, our team acts as a liaison between the injured employee, your company, the workers’ compensation carrier, and the medical care provider. This process ensures strong communication while reducing the potential for litigation.

Our goal is to assist the injured employee in making a complete and timely recovery so they can get back to work through careful monitoring and processing of the claim. VensureHR advocates introducing employees back into the workforce at a speed and level at which they are medically able to do so. Additionally, this approach improves your loss history, resulting in lower premium costs.

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Customized safety training

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Risk management solutions

The Impact of Safety in the Workplace

Did you know that workplace injuries and illnesses don’t just impact workers? They impact you, the employer, as well. Employers spend an average of $975 per worker annually on providing workers’ compensation.

Injuries and illnesses in the workplace oftentimes vary by industry, state, and time away from work. For example, 15% of all nonfatal injuries and illnesses were in manufacturing. Sprains, strains, and tears are some of the most commonly reported incidents that result in time away from work.

Long-term impacts of injuries and illnesses in the workplace can be devastating for both the worker and employer alike – only 55.4% of injured or ill workers return after a six-month absence, which drops to 32.2% after one year, and down to 4.9% after two years.

Developing and implementing safety programs and risk management strategies can help decrease injuries and illnesses in the workplace.


Customized Safety Training and Program Development

VensureHR offers customized safety training and program development outside traditional workers’ compensation services. From mandatory Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training to general loss control education, gain access to free resources that will keep you in compliance and create a safer workplace.

Our OSHA training includes general industry and construction. Both programs are 10-hour trainings designed to provide information to respective industry workers on how to identify, reduce, and prevent job-related vulnerabilities, and addresses a diverse range of industry safety and health hazards that a worker may encounter. Our trainers are authorized by OSHA to conduct OSHA 10- and 30-hour training courses under OSHA’s guidelines and course requirements. Participants receive OSHA-issued course completion cards.

Additionally, VensureHR’s Loss Control team has created free training sessions to educate employers on related topics, such as OSHA 300 logs, electrical, powered industrial trucks, COVID-19 exposure prevention, personal protective equipment, HazCom GHS, and much more. Some classes are also available in Spanish. Be in the know to avoid hefty fines, penalties, and workplace accidents.

Along with our training and safety programs, VensureHR prides itself on assisting businesses with compliance-related tasks, including local, state, and federal legal HR updates and assessments (i.e., job analysis, on-site inspections, and accident investigations). Your workers are your first line of defense in developing a safer workplace. Deploy a proactive defense by scheduling a consultation with a VensureHR workers’ compensation specialist who can evaluate your strengths and build a better defense tailored to your unique industry needs.

OSHA trainers
Your workers are your first line of defense in developing a safer workplace.
Deploy a proactive defense by scheduling a consultation with a VensureHR workers’ compensation specialist who can evaluate your strengths and build a better defense tailored to your unique industry needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is workers’ compensation insurance and who is required to have it?

Workers’ compensation insurance provides medical and wage benefits to employees who are injured at work. Benefits vary state by state, but most cover medical expenses, lost wages during the time the employee is unable to work, and rehabilitation costs. Requirements also very by state, however, every employer who has employees should have workers’ compensation insurance.

What are the benefits provided through workers’ compensation?

While this varies state by state, most workers’ compensation insurance will cover medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs to employees who are injured at work during the “scope of their job duties.” Benefits often include compensation to families in the event the workplace injury leads to a death.

Workers’ compensation laws will vary by state. However, most states require employers to have this insurance for all employees on their payroll, whether they are full-time, part-time, or seasonal. Employers pay workers’ compensation insurance with each payroll and the cost may vary depending on the cost of payroll.


How can I manage and track workers’ compensation costs effectively?

Companies can manage the cost of their workers’ compensation by implementing a safety program, creating a return-to-work policy, and facilitating accurate investigations of workplace injuries. Employers should also make sure each employee is classified correctly with the appropriate workers’ compensation classification code. Each code is assigned to a rate which is a percentage of the employees’ payroll.

What is the role of the employer in the workers’ compensation process?

Employers are required to post a notice of workers’ compensation in an obvious location in the workplace. Employers should report the workplace injury as soon as possible. This is called a First Report of Injury and will be used by the insurance company to document the claim process. During the claims process, employers may also be asked to provide additional information regarding the injured employee and the incident.

What are the reporting requirements for workers’ compensation claims?

Once an injury occurs, employers will need to complete a First Report of Injury for their insurance company. They will need to include the date of the injury, the names of the employee(s) involved, the time the injury took place, and any circumstances surrounding the injury. Employers will also need to fill out a claim form that your insurance provider will request after receiving the injury report form and any supporting documentation. Some states have their own state claims form to complete. Once all documentation is submitted to the insurance carrier, the claims process is initiated.

How do I manage workers’ compensation claims for remote or telecommuting employees?

It is difficult to determine whether an injury to a remote employee is work-related. The best thing employers can do is train employees to report injuries as soon as possible and follow the same process you would if the employee was in-office. Your insurance company and claims department will determine whether the injury was job-related or not. To reduce the likelihood of telecommuting claims, employers should create remote work policies, including a guideline for home offices and home office safety checklists.

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