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Benefits Administration

outsourcing benefits administration

Benefits Administration

outsourcing benefits administration

Benefits for a Healthier Workplace

Employee benefits are complex. Finding a single-source solution can be overwhelming, from various lifestyles to individual needs. Whether you have an established benefits department or an outstanding benefits expert, VensureHR supports your benefits administration.

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benefits enrollment process

Working for Your Benefit

PEO services
From relieving your enrollment process to guiding you through benefits-related employee separation and retirement, VensureHR is here for you. Our dedicated benefits specialists:
  • Review and recommend benefit options on day one and during renewal periods.
  • Provide a seamless and worry-free enrollment experience.
  • Automate employee payroll deductions.
  • Handle remittance and reconciliation with benefit providers on your behalf.
  • Offer support for COBRA administration and retirement.

Employees can review their benefit options 24/7 through Vfficient our easy, secure employee portal.

An Effortless Approach to Benefits, One Task at a Time

As a PEO, VensureHR has superb benefit services extending far beyond enrollment and administration, such as education, resources, and tools. Do you want to prepare your employees for open enrollment through webinars or Q&As highlighting plan coverage, plan offerings changes, and field common benefits-related questions and concerns? Our industry professionals have extensive knowledge and training to break down healthcare and insurance jargon into layman’s terms. Do you need help traversing your benefits software to streamline online open enrollment? VensureHR’s benefits team can help you navigate your benefits software, so your next online open enrollment is a breeze.

Some of our resources include our extended offerings in our Marketplace. From employee assistance programs and traditional benefits to car rental discounts and pet insurance, our Marketplace is constantly adding new, innovative options for businesses to offer their employees. Additionally, we have monthly legal HR updates that touch on benefits-related updates, such as navigating paid sick leave and other COVID-19 regulations, as well as local, state, and federal level changes that can impact healthcare coverage.

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