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“Vensure was there guiding us… figuring out the right solutions that were going to work for us.”


Watch the video to hear Ryan’s Vensure story.

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“Vensure was there guiding us… figuring out the right solutions that were going to work for us.”


Watch the video to hear Ryan's
Vensure story.

Payroll Solutions That Don’t Cost You Time

As a business owner, you wear many hats. One likely involves managing payroll, including tracking overtime, handling remote workers, and keeping track of endless tax compliance changes. VensureHR understands the demands of your time. We partner with small to medium-sized businesses like yours every day to provide peace of mind in the complicated and ever-changing world of payroll processing.

As an employer, your time is better spent generating revenue, strategizing, and growing your team.

We give you back one of your most essential resources: time. Our payroll processing and tax services give you comprehensive business solutions you can count on.


outsourcing paychecks
Issuing Paychecks and Direct Deposits
outsource payroll taxes
Preparing, Filing, and Settling Payroll Taxes
outsource W-2's
Generating and Providing Annual W-2s
garnishment management company
Managing Garnishments and Unemployment
tracking employee sick leave
Tracking Employee Paid Personal and Sick Leave

VensureHR’s payroll processing services are designed to grow with your business, whether you have two or 2,000 employees. We give you a solid foundation to help your business scale quickly and efficiently. As you grow, we grow with you. Our team of specialists will be by your side as a trusted partner with customized business solutions at the ready.

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Powered by People and Technology

With VensureHR, you’ll receive the advanced technology and deep knowledge of our payroll team, with real-time access to robust payroll reporting and monitor status with Payroll Tracker. A unique feature set available in a secure, cloud-based environment accessible anytime and anywhere.

Vfficient, our industry-leading software, lets you submit payroll while tracking time, attendance, paid time off, holiday pay, and sick days in one place. That means you’re streamlining functions and communication by placing critical payroll information at your fingertips, including:

payroll reporting service

Powerful Reporting Features

outsourcing payroll

Remote Payroll Approval

payroll check batching

On-demand Check Batching Outside Regular Payroll Processing

payroll invoice service

Access to Payroll, Human Resources, Census Reports, and Invoices

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Your employees will be happy with the technology, too. They’ll appreciate the online system’s cloud-based, self-service portal delivering an all-in-one payroll processing platform for:

  • Access Paycheck Stubs and W-2s
  • Complete Direct Deposit Information
  • Current Tax Withholdings, Elections, and Year-to-Date Totals
payroll compliance

Protect Your Business from Costly Mistakes

Is your company current with the latest payroll compliance laws? According to the IRS, 40% of small to mid-sized businesses are fined annually for making payroll errors. It’s understandable because federal, state, and local regulations change frequently.

With our tax and payroll compliance expertise, you no longer need to bear the responsibility of keeping updated on changes. You’ll have accurate payroll delivered on time, every time, along with precise tax reporting and FICA, FUTA, and SUTA withholdings.

What would it be like to have your time freed up, access to secure technology, and compliance handled? Talk to us and find out how having a payroll partner can help your business.

VensureHR Payroll Services Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I outsource my payroll processing?

There are many reasons that business owners decide to outsource payroll. First, they can save time by having another company process payroll on their behalf. Second, for many small to mid-sized businesses, outsourcing payroll is less expensive than hiring employees to process it. And third, business owners feel relieved from staying current with all tax and payroll compliance rules—they can rely on the expertise and knowledge of the company they choose to process their payroll.

Can VensureHR help me with payroll if I have employees in different states?

Yes! We easily handle processing payroll for companies with employees in different states or regions. That’s why so many companies choose to work with us: we have expertise in federal, state, and local tax laws that impact payroll processing and tax reporting.

Does VensureHR provide other services besides payroll?

Yes! We provide comprehensive services, including human resource administration, employee benefits, risk management, and workers’ compensation. As your company grows, you can contact to us anytime about our flexible solutions to strengthen and simplify your business.

What is FICA?

FICA stands for the Federal Insurance Contribution Act. It is a federal payroll tax on employees’ paychecks and contributions from employers to fund Social Security and Medicare programs. We guide you through this and other federal HR legal updates.

What is FUTA?

The Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) is a tax that an employer must pay. This tax is based solely on the amount of work and pay per employee for their company. It is a safeguard against the unemployed losing their funds. The federally implemented and controlled tax acts as a benefit to unemployed workers during the time they don’t have employment.

What is SUTA?

The State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA), also known as State Unemployment Insurance (SUI), is a required payroll tax an employer must pay. The funds from these taxes are put into each state’s unemployment fund and used by employees who separate from their place of employment. VensureHR offers guidance on this and other federal HR legal updates.

What is the difference between a payroll clerk and a payroll administrator?

A payroll administrator is responsible for overseeing the payroll for the entire company while a payroll clerk—oftentimes referred to as a payroll specialist—is responsible for the payroll of a specific department or unit in the company. With a PEO, the clerk/specialist processes the payroll for their specific clients, while the administrator oversees the processors for a particular region or group of clients. Our clients work directly with their specialist.

What does a payroll coordinator do?

Payroll coordinators are responsible for processing a company’s payroll. This includes processing time worked, overtime, salaries, managing reimbursements, benefits deductions, and all tax calculations for the specific pay cycle. Payroll processors finalize each pay period and administer pay to the employees.

How do I manage payroll for independent contractors or freelancers?

When hiring these types of employees, be sure to collect a Form W-9 from the contractor. You’ll pay the employees per the agreed upon terms including method and frequency. You aren’t required to calculate taxes or deductions for any independent contractors. If paying more than $600 to a freelancer in a year, your company will issue a Form 1099 to the contractor and the IRS.

What is the best software or system for managing payroll?

The best system for processing payroll depends on your needs and the complexity of your payroll. If you process payroll weekly and it’s more straightforward, you may opt for a platform that automates the process without a lot of manual input. However, if your payroll is more complex and changes cycle to cycle, you may want to look for software that automate some parts of the process while still allowing for manual entry and review.

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