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Insurance Services

employee application tracking for insurance companies

HR Solutions for the Insurance Industry

As an insurance professional, you’re likely focused on growing your top-line sales and bottom-line profitability with little spare time for administrative hassles. That’s where VensureHR steps in. We provide flexible business solutions and integrated technology delivered by people who get to know and care about your business.

Whether you need outsourced payroll and human resource (HR) services or small business benefits, we can carve out the services that make sense for your insurance company or your clients.

Working with VensureHR reduces the complexity of many of today’s biggest business headaches, including finding and retaining talent. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing your administrative demands are in the hands of proven professionals. Invest in your company’s success with our powerful combination of knowledgeable people and streamlined solutions.

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HR services for insurance industry
employee benefit providers for insurance agency
risk management training for insurance companies

Designed for Your Success

VensureHR believes that helping insurance companies handle their specific challenges will provide better solutions. We’re dedicated to creating a partnership based on what makes sense for your business.

Our mix-and-match model ensures you can choose the services you need. We’re here to assist in your growth with scalable solutions.

VensureHR can help your insurance business in any of these critical administrative areas:
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Payroll and Payroll Tax Reporting
Risk and Safety Management
HR Administration and Consulting
Medical and Related Benefits

Managing Your Business Challenges

Many of today’s business challenges come from ongoing labor needs and employee management concerns. We have comprehensive solutions designed to handle them.


Our HR specialists help fill your open positions and support your hiring needs by providing:

Keeping Employees Satisfied

Increase employee engagement and remain competitive by showing your appreciation for your team through:

Integrated Technology

Your insurance customers have higher expectations these days, and so do you. That’s why VensureHR delivers premium, streamlined, integrated, and secure administrative services. Our powerful cloud-based HR platform – Vfficient manages virtually every aspect of your employee’s HR lifecycle and defends your data from hackers.

Employees are able to access Vfficient through a self-service portal, allowing them to easily enroll in benefits, track their hours, change their withholding status, receive mandatory training, and view and print their paystubs.

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