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Growing the Vensure Family to Serve You Better

As the largest privately held professional employer organization (PEO), VensureHR is a dynamic business solutions provider driven by innovation and collaboration. Part of our growth strategy focuses on mergers and acquisitions. We actively seek like-minded businesses to become our Division Partners – companies that align with our goals and commitment to service excellence.

Why do we purse these companies? It’s simple. The goal is to support the success of as many businesses as possible and the diversity of services offered by our Division Partners is key to that. From agriculture and hospitality to entertainment and construction, our Division Partners bring invaluable expertise and inspiring company principles that align with ours.

A powerful example is our Dream program that fulfills the wishes of team members who are experiencing hardships. The program began with a Division Partner, and we were excited to bring it to the Vensure family.

Thanks to our rapid growth over the last five years, we proudly serve businesses across the United States, as well as Canada. We have office locations in 25 states and the Canadian province of Quebec.

Vensure Employer Services and our PEO Partners

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