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Applicant Tracking

Hiring Just Got Easier

The hiring process is time-consuming with many moving parts. VensureHR understands. Applicant tracking is a cornerstone in our comprehensive suite of human resource (HR) services designed to make business life easier.

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  • Candidate Screening Support and Guidance
  • Worry-free Offer Letters and Rejection Letter Templates
  • Nondisclosure and Noncompete Agreements
  • Always Current State and Federal Tax Withholding Forms
  • Smooth Sailing Onboarding Programs

When you simplify your hiring process with VensureHR’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you’ll enjoy finding and hiring qualified candidates.

With the functionality to streamline the hiring process, our ATS system provides various features to identify top talent and update you on your candidate’s status.

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  • 94% of those who use Applicant Tracking software say it has improved their process.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does an applicant tracking system (ATS) work?

An applicant tracking system is a tool that helps you track and measure each step of the recruitment process. Once a candidate applies to an open position, their information is in the ATS, specifically their contact information, resume, and qualifications. Your recruiting department uses this data to review resumes, send automated messages, schedule interviews, share new-hire paperwork, and more.

Can an applicant tracking system handlemanage the entire recruitment process, from job posting to hiring?

This will depend on the capabilities of the ATS you use, but theoretically yes, they are meant to manage a substantial portion of the recruitment process. Most ATS will allow you to post the job, review candidates, communicate with candidates, schedule interviews, send offer letters, and new-hire paperwork.

Can an applicant tracking system integrate with job boards and career websites for seamless posting of job openings?

Yes, when posting to a job board like LinkedIn or Indeed, or your career website, the link for applicants to apply will direct to your ATS platform.

How does an applicant tracking system ensure compliance with equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws and regulations?

Using an ATS allows you to screen candidates based on qualifications and skill sets, making the selection process less biased. An ATS easily produces reports on applicants, tracks hiring decisions, and can be programmed for affirmative action programs, making compliance reporting much easier.

What is the cost of implementing an applicant tracking system and what is the return on investment (ROI)?

While the cost of implementing an ATS varies based on provider, using an ATS decreases the time it takes to fill open positions, reduces recruitment marketing costs, improves your overall recruitment process by scanning for qualified applicants, and increases productivity.

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