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PEO services for manufacturing industry

Build Business Solutions that Support Manufacturing

Manufacturing is a complex industry requiring continuous maintenance to keep operations moving. From affirming compliance and mitigating risk to implementing new technology and developing competitive endurance in a labor shortage market, manufacturing could benefit from the help of a professional employer organization (PEO).

A PEO like VensureHR combines industry experts in HR, payroll, benefits, workers’ compensation, and risk management to provide the tools, resources, and support essential industries like manufacturing need. At VensureHR, we value your success and won’t stop until we find a solution that works for you. Our unique mix-and-match service model allows you to select services that best suit your business needs.

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Protecting Your Company and Employees

While the manufacturing industry is known to have the highest rate of workplace injuries (15% in the United States), monitoring and maintaining employee health and safety are becoming a higher priority. Especially given the scarcity of workers and continued hardships in filling roles, precautionary protocols and resources can help employers promote workplace health and safety. Having a partner like VensureHR offers employers access to OSHA training, on-site job and hazard assessments, informational webinars, and much more.

Gain Confidence in Recruiting and Retaining in a Competitive Labor Market

In an industry with increased demand and decreased labor force—so much so 2.1 million jobs are expected to be unfilled by 2030—recruiting and retention are more important than ever. And a good handful of manufacturing leaders (38%) are already working on implementing stronger recruitment efforts in 2022. One way to improve retention efforts is focusing on upskilling. Contrary to the belief that automation and technology will replace human positions, implementing new technologies has led to superior productivity, increased experienced workers, and competitive compensation. The reason jobs remain unfilled is the skills gap. A recent study showed that many younger workers (69% of employees under age 25) would stay with their current employer if offered training and development opportunities.

Additionally, improvements to employee engagement, employee recognition and feedback, and work-life balance and/or flexible work arrangements are significant factors that can help business owners retain current employees.

Adding an applicant tracking system and a team of HR experts can assist you in finding, screening, and hiring candidates faster and with greater success. Also, expanding or upgrading your benefits options can incentivize prospective employees to choose you over a competitor and for current employees to stay.

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Invest in Technology

Technology offers countless advantages to businesses, from insight into process efficiency and utilizing data to minimize unplanned downtime, improve material cost-savings, and create faster, more reliable communications.[1]

At VensureHR, we have built our cloud-based technology Vfficient to guide organizations in streamlining how they manage their business. From data management and benchmarking to customized reporting capabilities and automation, optimizing your day-to-day operations has never been easier. Investing in the right technology—or service provider with the robust technology to support you—can help you improve your administrative processes, from human resources and benefits administration to payroll processing and claims management.

[1] Advanced Tech

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