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Employment law updates are added multiple times each month depending on the introduction of new legislation. They cover both federal and state updates.
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Choosing the Best HCM System for Your Business
How to File a Tax Extension with the IRS
March 2023: Utah Enacts Law Restricting Use of Vaccination or Immunity Status in Employment Decisions
March 2023: Utah Enacts Law Allowing Employers to Obtain Workplace Violence Protective Orders
March 2023: New “Anti-Drag” Law Goes Into Effect in April
March 2023: Reminder: Pennsylvania’s Amended Breach Notification Law Goes into Effect in May 2023
March 2023: Child Labor Law Abstract Notice Has Been Updated
March 2023: Iowa to Be Sixth State to Pass a Consumer Privacy Statute
March 2023: Illinois Passes “Paid Leave for All Workers Act”
March 2023: Reminder: City of Los Angeles Retail Fair Workweek Ordinance Takes Effect April 1, 2023
March 2023: California Court of Appeal Held That App-Based Driver and Delivery Businesses Can Classify Workers as Independent Contractors
March 2023: CDPH to End COVID-19 Vaccination and Masking Mandates for Healthcare Workers
March 2023: E-Verify Records Disposal
March 2023: USCIS Announces End of COVID-Related Flexibilities

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