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Benefits Enrollment & Administration

Let VensureHR Handle the Benefits Administration Paperwork

Simplified Benefits Enrollment and Administration

Whether your benefits administration team is working on enrolling a new employee or managing your annual open enrollment, benefit administration has never been easier. VensureHR gives you the ability to outsource tasks related to establishing, maintaining, and managing your organization’s benefits enrollment package(s). From personalized, professional support to benefits administration, our employee benefits team is available to help your business from benefits enrollment plan selection to annual employee benefit renewals.

Unique Benefits Enrollment Plans and Coverage Options

Today’s industries require unique employee benefits enrollment plans and coverage options to keep up with federal, state, and local benefits administration requirements. VensureHR provides a full-service suite of employee benefits, including basic coverage (i.e., medical, dental, vision, 401(k), life insurance) and supplemental or ancillary benefits (i.e., accident, disability, hospital indemnity, critical illness, telemedicine). Whatever your employee benefits needs may be, VensureHR is able to provide you with a wide array of employee benefits solutions.

Vfficient: VensureHR’s Employee Benefits Program

Vfficient is single, streamlined employee benefits platform that helps your business manage everything from online benefits enrollment and employee onboarding to billing and payroll processing. Your dedicated benefits administrator can assist you with online benefits enrollment and benefits administration best practices using Vfficient. Our employee benefits platform provides fast, easily accessible employee benefits corporation services to ensure consistent, accurate employee benefits administration.

Beyond Benefits Enrollment

VensureHR has done the legwork to help your organization obtain employee benefits and benefits administration services beyond standard healthcare, vision, and dental. Our expansive network of benefits companies allows us to deliver unique, customized employee benefit programs to better serve our clients. We value the significant impact healthcare and employee benefits have on the well being of employees, which is why our benefits administration team works diligently to ensure prompt, friendly, and accurate benefit administration services are provided at all times.

Storing and Protecting Sensitive Information

Through our employee benefits platform, we are able to maintain accurate management of sensitive employee HIPAA information. We know how sensitive personal information is in this day and age where relying on technology as an employee benefits platform can also create liability of cyber attacks. We ensure our technology is updated and safety protocols are followed to safeguard employees’ information.

Employee Benefits Enrollment and Benefits Administration Made Simple

VensureHR has a team of devoted benefits administrators who break down complex legal and healthcare language into straightforward layman’s terms so you fully understand your employee benefits package. Our employee benefits enrollment team is all about finding innovative ways to streamline your business efficiencies. Whether online benefits enrollment, upgrading your employee benefits platform, or simply more support from your benefits enrollment and administration team is what you’re looking for, VensureHR is eager to assist. We value your health and want to ensure that should you ever need medical attention, you have both the employee benefits plan coverage and the benefits administrator support you need to receive care.

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