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Cross departmental collaboration between young professionals

10 Jun

Breaking Down Barriers Between Departments

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Oftentimes department responsibilities across companies overlap at some point. However, not all departments within an organization function effectively and breaking down the barriers between department can improve collaborative efforts, align the business vision, strengthen company communications, or improve trust and accountability of both departments and individuals within departments. Here are some ways to address the departmental divide within your company.

Removing Silos

The first step to breaking the barriers between departments is breaking removing silos – the physical dividers that separate individuals and departments. Removing silos can mean something different across businesses, such as removing cubicles, creating spacious common areas and/or implementing games or activities that encourage interactions between individuals in the area (i.e., a pool table, video games, ping pong, etc.), or combining and/or renaming departments for more inclusive or broad designations.

Establishing Consistent Communication

Communication has many facets in a corporate environment. From emails and newsletters to social media and word of mouth, business communications need to have an established process and voice that can be universally understood by individuals of all departments. For example, the marketing department may use terms that are unfamiliar to the client relations department. Utilizing a common “language” within the company can reduce alienating departments and improve communication between departments. Another great approach to establishing communication is having employees switch roles to understand the processes and pain points other departments face, as well as an opportunity to provide feedback for improving such processes. For example, someone in marketing might be able to develop a new process that streamlines the communications department.

Aligning Company Vision and Goals

No company ever wants an “It’s not my job” mentality. To combat such perspective, aligning company vision and goals with a strategy to obtain them is critical to evenly distribution of responsibility and avoiding burnout. Motivating employees consists of incentivizing through common interests, individual growth initiatives, mutual goals, and word of affirmation. Instilling such tactics into management encourages feedback, collaboration, and productivity. Having a clear vision, set goals and deadlines, and appropriate strategy to achieve them draws the company a path for success.

Promoting Cross Department Collaboration

The best silo-breaker is promoting cross department collaboration. Implementing the three steps above will improve cross department communication and collaboration. By establishing an aligned vision and goals, through developing consistent communication, and removing silos, departments should flow more cohesively and collaboratively to obtain company goals. Removing silos in the workplace can certainly streamline business efficiencies and build a stronger team.

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