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Worklogic HR is a leading human resource management company with offices in Central & Southern California. Today, Worklogic HR serves the human resource management needs of companies in and around California—simplifying human resource management for their clients, reducing the cost and pain associated with the task and freeing management to focus on what they do best: taking the company forward, faster. From its humble beginnings, the company has grown to a staff of dozens with thousands of co-employees, and was recognized by Inc Magazine as one of the nation’s fastest growing, privately held companies.


Worklogic HR credits much of its success to the vibrancy of its client base and to its determination to grow through partnering with key players in the marketplace.

What Our Clients Say

As a small business without a true HR or payroll department, we have found Worklogic HR to be a great resource for us in a number of ways, protecting our interests and ensuring we are legally compliant in all areas.

Hugh, Advertising Manager

Since its HRIS inception, we have saved 246 man-hours through improved efficiency in new hire orientations, elimination of paper timesheets, and overall communication thanks to central data warehousing.

Julianna, SES Coordinator

I can now concentrate on the other aspects of running my restaurant knowing that I have a competent and professional team behind the scenes helping me to operate efficiently and comply with laws.

Shai, Restaurant Owner

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