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Vfficient Training Videos

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The following how-to video sessions will provide detailed instructions for key payroll processes within the Vfficient platform.

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Employee Self-Service Portal

This training module helps users register, access, and navigate the employee self-service portal.

Topics in this video include:
  • Updating Personal Information
  • Viewing and Reprinting Payroll Check Stubs
  • Adjusting Tax Information and Downloading W-2s
  • Managing and Requesting Paid Time Off or Vacation Time
  • Managing and Enrolling in Employer-Provided Benefit
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Administrative Navigation

This training module introduces worksite managers and worksite trusted advisors to basic navigation within the Vfficient Administrative Portal.

Topics in this video include:
  • Logging into the Vfficient Admin Portal
  • Navigating the Home Screen
  • Viewing Company Information
  • Utilizing Relevant Features and Tools
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Employee Management

This training module explains the process of updating information for existing employees.

Topics in this video include Updating:
  • Position

  • Pay

  • Division/Department

  • Tax Elections

  • Direct Deposit

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New Hire Entry

This training module explains the onboarding process for new hires.

Topics in this video include:
  • Completing the New Hire Form

  • Understanding Employees’ Responsibility During Onboarding Process

  • Monitoring Employees’ Progress During the Onboarding Workflow

  • Completing the Onboarding Cycle

  • Reviewing Documents Associated with Onboarding

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Time Sheet and Payroll Approval

This training module explains the process of submitting time sheet pay data and reviewing basic reports before the payroll is finalized.

Topics in this video include:
  • Navigating to the Time Sheet

  • Entering Pay Data

  • Finalizing the Time Sheet

  • Approving Payroll

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This training module explains some of the essential reporting functionality.

Topics in this video include:
  • Updating Position

  • Company Reports

  • HR Reports

  • Payroll Reports

  • Data Retriever

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Paid Time Off Process

This training module describes the Paid Time Off (PTO) process within Vfficient.

Topics in this video include:
  • Requesting Time Off

  • Approving or Denying PTO Requests

  • Viewing Planned Time Off

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