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Parental Burnout: How Employers Can Combat It in the Workplace

Employee Management| General HR
March 3, 2023

About the Webinar

When two out of every three working parents at your company are experiencing symptoms of parental burnout, what can you, as an employer, do about it? This 60-minute webinar focuses on what employers can do to combat parental burnout with the CEO of LUMO Leadership, Sarah Olin, Associate Professor and Academic Speaker, Kate Gawik, and Customer Success Lead at Namely, Fran Moore. 

Together we will explore the tools employers can leverage to build awareness and take action to support working parents. Participants will walk away with clarity on the steps all parents can take to reduce burnout within their organizations. This session is facilitated by Kristen Lampert, MBA, PCC, CPCC at Parental Shift Coaching and TalentRise. 

What You Will Learn:

  • What is Parental Burnout and How to Identify Symptoms
  • Evidence-Based Strategies and Resources for Working Parents
  • Designing Employee Support Strategies to Help Parents

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