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Louisiana Requires Leave for Genetic Testing and Cancer Screening

Update applicable to: Employers with 20 or more employees in Louisiana What happened? Louisiana enacted HB200, which provides that retaliation against an employee for an absence from work due to genetic testing or a medically necessary cancer screening shall be an unlawful employment practice What are the details? Employers must provide one day of unpaid […]

March 2023: Department of Revenue Release Bulletin Explanations for the Fresh Start Proper Worker Classification Initiative

Update Applicable to: All employers in the state of Louisiana. What happened? On February 15, 2023, Louisiana Department of Revenue issued an information bulletin explaining its Fresh Start Proper Worker Classification Initiative, which allows employers who have misclassified certain workers as independent contractors to reclassify those workers and voluntarily disclose such reclassification to the Department […]

August 2022: Louisiana Joins Growing List of States Prohibiting Hairstyle Discrimination

Update Applicable to: All employers in the state of Louisiana. What happened?On June 21, 2022, Governor Edwards signed House Bill 1083 (HB 1083), also known as the “CROWN Act,” into law which amends the definition of intentional discrimination in employment under Louisiana law to include any discriminatory practices with respect to any individual’s “compensation, or terms, conditions, […]

June 2022: Louisiana Publishes Updated Earned Income Credit Notice

Update Applicable to:All employers in the state of Louisiana. What happened?In April 2022, the Louisiana Workforce Commission published an updated Earned Income Credit poster to include new earned income tax credit information. What are the details?Effective May 25, 2022, all businesses within the state of Louisiana must display the revised Earned Income Credit notice along […]

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