Update Applicable to:
All employers with private-sector employees in New York City, New York.

What happened?
On September 20, 2022, New York City Mayor Adams announced that the City would officially end its private-sector employee vaccine mandate effective November 1, 2022.

What are the details?
The mandate, enacted in December 2021 by then-Mayor de Blasio, required all private-sector employers to ensure that their employees in New York City who perform in-person work were vaccinated against COVID-19.

With the lifting of the mandate on November 1, 2022, NYC employers can now decide whether to maintain a vaccination requirement for their employees or relax such requirements.

In place of the mandate, the City is asking businesses to encourage their employees to vaccinate and stay up to date on boosters.

For more information, please see the links below:

NYC Announcement

Article 1

What do employers need to do?
Employers should review the links provided above and ensure the safety of their employees in the best way possible.