July 2021: Florida Requires Trafficking Training for Hospitality Industry

07 Jul


Update Applicable to:
Employers operating in the hospitality industry.

What happened?
In 2019 Governor De Santis Signed HB 851, creating a requirement for hospitality businesses to provide training to their employees.

What are the details?
Public lodging establishments will be required to train their employees, as well as post a human trafficking public awareness sign in a conspicuous location in the establishment which is accessible to employees, at least 11 inches by 15 inches in size.

The training requirement may be satisfied by conducting the training in person, or online. The content must be certified by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation. The department requires training to cover the following topics:

1) The definition of human trafficking and the difference between the two forms of human trafficking: sex trafficking and labor trafficking.

2) Guidance specific to the public lodging sector concerning how to identify individuals who may be victims of human trafficking.

3) Guidance concerning the role of the employees of a public lodging establishment in reporting and responding to suspected human trafficking.

The training is provided by the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association free of charge, in conjunction with the State, here.

If a business wishes to submit a new curriculum to DBPR for review and approval, send the curriculum as an email attachment to DHR.Info@myfloridalicense.com, along with a brief statement requesting a review of the curriculum. Alternatively, businesses may present the training curriculum to a representative of the Division during an inspection visit to the establishment, providing the option for the curriculum to be reviewed during the inspection.

The bill can be found here.

What do employers need to do?
Employers should review the above information and update their training policies. The state has provided the following link to help satisfy the sign requirement, here.