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Simplify Your Interview Process

Download: Interview Questions Guide

Minimize the stress of interviewing with our free Interview Questionnaire Guide.

Interviewing can be just as much of a challenge for the interviewer as it is for the prospect being recruited. Deciding what to ask, when to ask it, and what not to ask is no simple task.

The Interview Questionnaire Guide is made up of six sections: Basic Questions, Behavioral Questions, Salary Questions, Career Development Questions, Scenario Questions, and Questions you shouldn’t ask.

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Compiling a list of great interview questions to ask candidates is no simple endeavor. Combine this with the need to know when to ask a question, or if you even should, and the challenge becomes even greater. In an effort to help mitigate the stress that may come from dealing with these challenges, we’re providing you with a free Interview Questionnaire Form for you to use during any interview with any candidate.

The purpose of this resource is to provide great interview questions to ask candidates while also giving context behind the questions and some fun facts that may help you in the future. The Interview Questionnaire Form is categorized questions, note taking sections for each question, useful statistics, and a full page of questions that shouldn’t be asked and why.

Basic Interview Questions

Basic interview questions serve as a foundation of the entire interview and make for some great interview question to ask candidates in order to learn about them some more. Furthermore, these questions give you a bit more insight as to how desirable you company is in the market and how eye-catching the job posting was.

Behavioral Interview Questions

Possibly the most important section of questions while interviewing a candidate, behavioral interview questions give you a preview of what it may be like working with a particular person. You’ll receive many answer regarding how a candidate would respond in certain situations, interact with colleagues, overcome challenges, and more.

Behavioral questions are also great interview questions to ask candidates because you may grasp a better understanding of how a candidate will lead a team in the future or make impactful change.

Salary Interview Questions

Questions about salary are usually pretty standard, but we took them a step further. You should have an idea of what a candidate is looking for based on the initial phone screening—our questions dive into a candidate’s mindset when it comes to compensation increases and employee success.

Our salary questions are simple and they’re safe. Often times, there are questions you aren’t allowed to ask about salary, but have no fear—our questions are perfectly legal to ask.

Career Development Interview Questions

Some great interview questions to ask candidates are about what they want out of their career and how they plan on accomplishing their goals. It’s important to understand what forms of training and development they’ve had in the past and what learning opportunities they’d like to have.

These questions may also give you insight as to which skills a candidate may need additional training in to fulfill your company’s needs.

Scenario: You Got the Job, Now What?

Scenario questions tend to be the most unique because they show a candidate’s critical thinking skills. In a sense, the candidate is put on the spot and will provide you with an idea of how they plan on integrating within your company and team.

Don’t Ask These Interview Questions

Surprisingly, there are questions you aren’t allowed to ask during an interview. While we may be providing great interview questions to ask candidates, it’s important to know what not to ask.

To put it simply, if it’s a doubt, it’s a don’t. All candidates must be interviewed fairly and asking questions about religion, social activities, salary history, and other topics could put you in hot water. If candidates do mention personal topics, it’s safe to keep your note taking focused on professional topics.

Your best bet is to follow along with our free interview Questionnaire Form and you won’t have to worry about asking inappropriate questions.

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