A Simple Tool to Efficiently Audit Your Company's HR Department

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Assess Your HR Department with Ease – Make Impactful Changes

An effectual human resources (HR) department is vital for any small or mid-size business, there’s no doubt about it. However, HR isn’t always going to be your main priority, making it difficult to keep a close watch on the effectiveness of the department. This HR Department Assessment Form is an efficient solution to help audit your HR department whenever you feel it is necessary.

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Whether you engrain yourself in your business’ HR or you have a well-seasoned HR staff, conducting audits of the department and how productive it may be is a necessity. In an effort to help you maintain the effectiveness of your HR department (or enhance it) we’re giving you our free HR Department Assessment Form.

The HR assessment, which is printable or can be completed on your device, is broken down into five main sections that cover the different facets of human resources.

  1. Recruitment and Retention
  2. Benefits
  3. Payroll
  4. Compliance
  5. Company Culture

With 33 questions in total, you’ll be able to effectively assess your HR department without the worry of missing any important topics. You’ll also find plenty of space for note-taking and a “goals” box at the end of each section.

Recruitment and Retention

Your employees are the most important resource your company has, so it’s only fitting for you to assess how your HR specialists manage the employment lifecycle from recruiting to off-boarding.

Not only do we make sure you have updated job descriptions and employee handbooks, but we also ask you to consider your level of knowledge when it comes to hiring laws and best practices.


The benefits you provide for your employees should be of the utmost importance. Benefits are so desired by employees that 55% of workers say they would accept a position at a company with lower compensation for a more robust benefits package.

While creating the HR Department Assessment, we included a 26 benefits checklist for you to compile a list of everything you offer and the benefits you may want to consider in the future.


Proper and effective payroll practices can be tricky to manage—this is in large part why it’s important to review payroll during your HR assessment. There is a myriad of laws and regulations that must be followed and we made certain that all aspects of your payroll are listed for audit.

If you aren’t familiar with payroll compliance, there’s no need to worry. To mitigate confusion and educate you on important topics, we included links that go directly to workplace posters created by the Department of Labor (DOL).

This section will also help you get a firm understanding of what classification of employees you currently employ.


Maintaining your compliance is arguably the most important role your HR department will have to take on. Whether compliance is your main priority or a topic you need to brush up on, you can use the resources we’ve included to be certain you are following applicable city, state, and federal compliance laws.


If your company doesn’t maintain a strong culture, you’ll find it very difficult to fill open positions. In this section of your assessment, it asks for you to define your company’s culture and then if it lives up to the standards and expectations set forth.

Once this section has been completed, you can do a full review of your assessment. Look closely at the notes taken and the ratings given and determine what changes you need to make!

Download a blank copy of the HR Department Assessment Form so you can reuse it whenever it’s needed. If you need additional assistance getting your HR in order, contact VensureHR to see how we can help!