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Understand, Identify, and Prevent Employee Burnout

Download: Burnout Prevention Handbook

How to Prevent Employee Burnout

As your business and employee roster grows, employee burnout is bound to happen. However, with the right tools and preparation, many instances of burnout can be prevented—saving you time and money. Download our Employee Burnout Handbook for comprehensive information and intuitive tips on how to prevent burnout before it happens.

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Is Burnout Preventable?

Burnout is always going to be a factor in your business’ daily operations—and it’s never going to completely go away. However, there are a number of resources you can tap into as a way to mitigate some situations of burnout. We developed the Employee Burnout Handbook to help you learn how to prevent employee burnout.

While the handbook itself only has eight pages of information, it is incredibly comprehensive and provides a range of information that will teach you how to prevent employee burnout in many circumstances. This information can be found on the “preventing employee burnout” page, which is broken down into six suggestions:

    1. Show your appreciation
    2. Alter the culture of your workplace
    3. Switch up your employees’ work hours
    4. Make sure your employees are taken care of
    5. Conduct employee reviews
    6. Train your management team


Now of course, not all of these employee burnout solutions will completely eliminate burnout, but they can play a large role in mitigating the frequency of burnout and the severity of it.

What is Employee Burnout?

Before addressing how to prevent employee burnout, it’s important to understand what burnout is. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), burnout is a syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed…burnout is an occupational phenomenon.

The potential ramifications and severity of burnout are the reasons why its important to find employee burnout solutions that work best for your employees.

Our Suggestions to Prevent Burnout

The six suggestions we offer in the handbook all go hand-in-hand with each other. While all burnout scenarios are unique, our recommendations can be implemented in any type of workplace setting.

For example, showing your appreciation can help mitigate any stress that arises from employees who don’t believe they’re hitting the mark. Furthermore, small signs of gratitude are a sure-fire way to begin altering your workplace culture.

It’s also incredibly important to learn as much as you can about an employee’s working conditions when creating the perfect remedy for burnout. While most employees work just fine during regular working hours, some other may have a hard time conforming to this schedule. Changing an employee’s work schedule may be the employee burnout solution you need.

Another tip for how to prevent employee burnout is to conduct regular employee evaluations. The evaluations may be the best way for you to get an inside look at how an employee is managing a workload and what their stress levels are from this amount of work. This could be a key steppingstone to making sure your employees are taken care of. If your employees need help at work, or outside of work, an evaluation may be able to tell you all you need to know.

Your Management Team May be the Key to Preventing Burnout

The way your business functions starts with its leadership. Your management team should be held accountable for developing positive employee experiences and reducing the frequency of stressful situations in the workplace.

Any member of your management team should be expected to set expectations of employees, remove barriers, and ensure employees feel supported enough to accomplish all of their goals.

When trying to figure out how to prevent employee burnout there are six aspects of a workplace that a manager should consider:

    1. Demand overload
    2. Lack of control
    3. Insufficient reward
    4. Social toxicity
    5. Lack of fairness
    6. Value conflicts.


If your management team is able to command these six aspects, feelings of burnout are sure to be mitigated.

Always Be on the Lookout for Burnout

You cant understate how detrimental employee burnout can be to your business. It diminishes an employees’ willingness and desire to learn and grow. If you want to continue growing your business and your employees, you need a plan in place that has a variety of employee burnout solutions.

Download the Employee Burnout Handbook today and enhance your efforts to eliminate burnout in your workplaces.

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