March 2023: Utah Enacts Law Allowing Employers to Obtain Workplace Violence Protective Orders

Update Applicable to:All employers in the state of Utah. What happened?On March 14, 2023, Utah Governor Spencer J. Cox signed House Bill 324 (HB 324) into law amending Utah’s protective order statute to allow employers to petition for and obtain workplace violence protective orders against an individual who has engaged in or threatened potential workplace violence.  […]

March 2023: New “Anti-Drag” Law Goes Into Effect in April

Update Applicable to:All businesses that host “Drag” events in the state of Tennessee. What happened?On March 3, 2023, Governor Bill Lee signed Senate Bill 3/House Bill 9 into law, enforcing restrictions on businesses that provide or host “Drag” events. What are the details? Effective April 1, 2023, this new law prohibits “adult cabaret performance,” which […]

March 2023: Child Labor Law Abstract Notice Has Been Updated

Update Applicable to:All employers with employees who are aged 16 or 17 years old in the state of New Jersey. What happened?The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development has updated its Child Labor Law Abstract notice. What are the details? The updated notice reflects that working hours for minors have been expanded. In […]

March 2023: Iowa to Be Sixth State to Pass a Consumer Privacy Statute

Update Applicable to:All businesses that control or process personal data on 100,000 consumers in the state or derive 50% of their revenue from selling the data of more than 25,000 consumers in the state of Iowa. What happened?On March 15, 2023, the Iowa legislature unanimously passed Senate File 262, the Consumer Privacy Act related to consumer data […]

March 2023: Illinois Passes “Paid Leave for All Workers Act”

Update Applicable to:All employers in the state of Illinois. What happened?In a previous communication, we notified you that the Illinois legislature passed the Paid Leave for All Workers (PLFAW) Act to require private employers to provide earned paid leave to employees to be used for any reason, and Governor Pritzker announced he would sign the legislation. This is […]

March 2023: Reminder: City of Los Angeles Retail Fair Workweek Ordinance Takes Effect April 1, 2023

Update Applicable to:All employers in the city of Los Angeles, California. What happened?In our previous communication here, we notified you that the Los Angeles City Council voted to pass the proposed Fair Work Week Ordinance, which will place new onerous scheduling requirements on retailers by requiring employers to provide schedules two weeks in advance and penalizing employers who […]

March 2023: California Court of Appeal Held That App-Based Driver and Delivery Businesses Can Classify Workers as Independent Contractors

Update Applicable to:All businesses with App-based drivers and delivery businesses in the state of California. What happened?On March 13, 2023, in Castellanos v. State of California, the California Court of Appeal handed down a pink unicorn decision in favor of app-based driver and delivery businesses that permits them to properly classify workers as independent contractors. It […]

March 2023: CDPH to End COVID-19 Vaccination and Masking Mandates for Healthcare Workers

Update Applicable to:All employers of healthcare workers in the state of California. What happened?On March 3, 2023, the CDPH announced it would end vaccination requirements for healthcare workers, including those in direct care, adult care, correctional facilities, and detention centers. What are the details?Effective April 3, 2023, masks and vaccinations will no longer be required […]