Why You Need to Incorporate DE&I Into Your Voluntary Benefits

22 Feb


America is a melting pot, and it has been for quite some time now. Our country thrives on diversity; and the workplace does, too. 

As an employer, you want the best employees and you want to provide the best for those employees. While it is great to have cool amenities like relaxation pods, full-service food courts, and slides from one floor to the next, workers are looking for greater inclusion when it comes to insurance and other voluntary benefit options.

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In order to attract and maintain a diverse and motivated employee base, organizations are looking to revamp their voluntary benefits programs to support individual needs and experiences. By enhancing your voluntary benefits program, not only will you have a positive impact on your team, but you will have a positive impact on your business as well. You can experience a larger recruiting pool, improved workplace culture and employee satisfaction, and a boost in the public perception of your organization’s brand. 

While making a conscious effort to incorporate programs that support diversity and inclusion within your organization, it is important to underline the different groups that would benefit from these programs. For example, instead of focusing on just one group, employers will be urged to address gender, race, age, education, and religion. This allows the employer to extend benefits to a broader range of employees rather than further singling individuals out of the plan.

Examples of voluntary programs that fall into the diversity and inclusion category include:

Mental Health Initiatives

The subject of mental health, though considered somewhat taboo, is a growing problem that must be addressed. Companies are finding useful resources to support employees with varying degrees of mental health needs. This could include professional counseling, therapy, remote support, and additional medication coverage programs. Without coverage, these services can become pricey and difficult to access. Providing mental health help through a voluntary program is a fantastic way to support your team.

Senior Care

Between 13% and 22% of employees double as caregivers. This is a critical job and can cause an exorbitant amount of pressure on your workers. Providing your team with access to resources through a senior management program can reduce the number of lost workdays that come as part of the at-home caregiver responsibility.

Fertility, Adoption, and Foster Care Assistance

Another growing benefit trend is the addition of employer-funded policies for fertility, adoption, and/or foster care. Given that these processes are expensive, having assistance through voluntary benefits can be life-changing for workers. These benefits include financial reimbursement and paid or unpaid leave in addition to what is provided by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

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On-The-Go Telehealth Solutions

According to the America Hospital Association, 76% of U.S. hospitals connect with patients and consulting practitioners at a distance through the use of video and other technology. Telehealth solutions are affordable and work with most insurance plans. Employees are able to access medical professionals including general practitioners, mental health providers, and some specialties through convenient, private, and secure technology.

VensureHR provides voluntary benefits that center on improving the livelihood of employees through diversity and inclusion-focused programs. These benefits are a great way to increase loyalty and retention, brand recognition, and public perception. Do you want to combine traditional benefits with unique voluntary benefits that promote diversity and inclusion among your employees? Schedule a benefits consultation today.

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