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Vensure’s Claims Department: the “front line” of managing client’s workers’ comp claims

30 May


Vensure’s Claims Department, a division of the Risk Management Department, acts as a liaison between the injured employee, the workers’ compensation carrier or third-party administrator, and the medical provider. Through managing workers’ comp claims, our goal is to increase communication and understanding while reducing the potential for litigation.

Our Claims Department is comprised of dedicated, experienced individuals who work together to help our client’s employees regain health and return to work as soon as possible. Teri Jacobs, VensureHR new Director of Claims, says that Vensure’s Claims Department is on the “front line” of managing client’s workers’ compensation claims. Vensure is known in the industry as being an advocate of introducing employees back into the workforce as soon as they are medically able to do so.

“Vensure’s Workers’ Compensation Coordinators are dedicated specialists who are passionate about ensuring our injured workers are being offered the appropriate medical care and benefits to get back to their pre-injury status as soon as possible.”
“We utilize one of our preferred providers, TriageNow, to triage claims immediately, providing recommendations for self-treatment whenever appropriate,” says Teri, “thereby reducing claim counts and resulting in immediate claim reporting. This is found to be an effective approach to prevent delays in claims management.”

VensureHR active role in the claims management process produces lower reserves and reduced disability time. Additionally, this approach improves the client’s loss history and experience modifier, ultimately resulting in lower premium costs.
“Vensure’s Workers’ Compensation Coordinators take a proactive approach with return to work efforts,” says Teri.
“If light duty is not available, we can reduce or eliminate indemnity benefits by utilizing our Alternative Light Duty Program which places injured workers with a non-profit organization.”

In our industry, we understand that fraudulent claims are going to happen. It’s what you do when one occurs that’s important. Identification and investigation are the keys to appropriate claims processing. Vensure’s Claims Department provides successful outcomes of these claims by giving each alleged incident individual attention. This dedication to managing workers’ comp claims helps reduce the potential for fraud.
“Not only does our staff participate in continuous education on the growing trends in the industry,” says Teri, “they have consistent interaction with our clients, third-party administrators and carriers. They are committed to providing exceptional service and resolving problems throughout the entire claims process.”

Also critical are the reporting and analytics that help with coordination of claims between the clients and the adjustors. Chelsea Holden, Assistant Workers’ Compensation Claims Manager states “We take pride in being able to educate our clients fully on the entire claims process. We discuss possible scenarios and ways to handle each. This helps our clients to have the best outcomes for their employees’ workers’ compensation claims.”
“I am excited to be working with the Claims Department,” says Teri, “because our team displays the personal drive, energy, and passion required to achieve the extraordinary.”

Managing workers’ comp claims come with the territory when you own a business.
The process can be a very frustrating one. Having partners who specialize in the care and handling of these claims can make all the difference. Vensure is invested in taking a proactive approach to avoid claims altogether.

However, if a claim does occur, our Claims Department has the expertise necessary to handle it within the letter of the law and return the employee back to work with as great an impact to the health and wellbeing of your employee and as little impact as possible to your bottom line.

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