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VensureHR’s 2023 Wrapped: Top Webinars

22 Dec


As we look forward to the year ahead, we’re taking a look back on our most loved content from 2023. So far, we’ve compiled our top HR blog posts and featured resources. Last in the trio of our VensureHR Wrapped Series, these were the most widely attended webinars this year:   

1. Quick Tips for Unleashing Employee Potential 

At the heart of every successful business lies a team of talented and motivated employees. However, it’s not always easy for employers to tap into the full potential of their workforce. In this webinar, we explored the strategies and resources employers can develop to unlock the true potential of their staff. 

2. Parental Burnout: How Employers Can Combat It in the Workplace 

When two out of every three working parents at your company are experiencing symptoms of parental burnout, what can you, as an employer, do about it? This 60-minute webinar focused on what employers can do to combat parental burnout with the CEO of LUMO Leadership, Sarah Olin, Associate Professor and Academic Speaker, Kate Gawlik, and Customer Success Lead at Namely, Fran Moore. To learn more, read the recap article here

3. Love is in the Air: Making Employees Feel Like They Matter 

Employees are the heart of any business, and it’s important to create a work environment where they feel valued and appreciated. During this Valentine-inspired webinar, we identified strategies to help employees feel like they truly matter. We also covered the career and personal demands that employees face, and how employers can help their team achieve a better work-life balance. 

4. Leave of Absence and Succession Planning 

Understanding the delicate balance between a leave of absence and succession planning is critical for business continuity and overall employee satisfaction. What does it take to build leave mandates, whose rights are they anyway, and how can proper policies and procedures help to safeguard your employees’ jobs, productivity, and emotions? The answers to these questions and more are in this webinar – one of the most popular of our short-form Coffee Talk series. 

5. Improved Leaves to Help Keep Your Employees 

A follow-up session to #4 above, this webinar discussed how improved leave options help retain existing employees including creative incentives and various leave types. During this 20-minute coffee talk, Abraham Gonzales-Pollick, VP of Client Development at VensureHR, presented inspiring ideas for building company culture and boosting retention through celebrating talent. 

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