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VensureHR’s 2023 Wrapped: Top Blog Content

13 Dec


At VensureHR we’re in a reflective mood. Inspired by Spotify Wrapped and Apple Music Replay, we’re continuing to recap our top HR blog posts, webinars, and featured resources from 2023. 

The second part of our VensureHR Wrapped series is a look at the most popular blogs this year. Here’s a peek at the top five:  

1. How to Obtain Past Year(s) W-2 Forms from the IRS 

W-2s are vital documents that show past and present proof of income. They are commonly required for business transactions and, while it’s recommended to keep them on file, sometimes records are lost. It’s likely the driver behind why this blog received the most engagement. For those unable to retrieve past forms from their employers, our blog eases the burden with step-by-step instructions on obtaining past W-2s from the IRS. 

2. Laying Off Workers on FMLA Leave: How to Stay Compliant 

It’s no secret that businesses across industries have been seeing their share of volatility. With 13 million workers electing to take Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) protection every year, the touchy topic of laying off workers during that time is a common concern for many businesses. No doubt, that’s the reason why this blog landed at number two on our list. It covers the complex terrain of laying off workers on FMLA leave while staying compliant with employment laws and prioritizing employee rights and well-being. 

3. FMLA Changes 2023: Staying Current with Recent Updates 

As we’ve seen in the blog above, FMLA is a critical part of the business and HR environment. As legislation surrounding it changes, companies must stay up to date with the latest information. Our blog provides insights to help navigate the evolving nature of employee leave policies affecting employers and employees including relevant updates from the Department of Labor (DOL). 

4. 17 HR Compliance Metrics Your HR Department Needs to Know 

HR compliance is more complex than ever and is likely the reason behind the popularity of this blog. We explored 17 crucial metrics and reviewed how tracking these key indicators can enhance your HR department’s efficiency and ensure compliance. From turnover rates to diversity metrics, it has valuable insights that will empower your organization to make informed decisions and create a thriving workplace.

5. Interview Questions for the Manufacturing Industry 

The manufacturing industry is a complicated business segment requiring a specialized interview approach. Rounding out the top five, this blog unveils essential interview questions tailored just for them. From assessing technical skills to gauging problem-solving abilities, these insightful questions empower hiring managers to identify top talent with our strategic interview approach. 

Not in the manufacturing industry? We’ve still got you covered—check out these interview questions to assess a candidate’s culture fit

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