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Recruiting Process Improvements

18 Jan


Recruiting is a crucial role in any organization. As the hirable population changes, so do recruiting processes and tactics to ensure the business is onboarding the cream of the crop. With only 30%[1] of the global workforce actively looking for a job, it is important to make sure company recruiting strategies are always improving.

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Strengthen the Company Brand
Many job seekers are not only looking for a new job but are willing to explore a new industry or entirely new career. Building a strong brand helps attract positive new talent to one business over others. Additionally, if the employer actively manages reviews, company profiles, and regularly updates website content, potential employees are more likely to apply for an open position with that company.
Turn to Social Media
Social media is an incredible resource for businesses, especially as it pertains to recruiting new employees. Millennials are looking beyond traditional job boards to find work. Many use social media to either find opportunities, get noticed, or research potential employers. From LinkedIn, ranked the top social processional network source for quality hires[2],  to Twitter, potential employees can join interest or industry groups, use their network to find someone who is already employed at the company, or read reviews and recommendations.
Look Within
Recruiting fresh faces for any business can be relatively difficult. Recruiting from within the organization, however, is a benefit for the employee and the company. Ensure all open positions are posted on the employee-facing intranet or careers page. Offer internal candidates the same opportunity to interview for an open position as any external candidate. Prior to starting this practice, the organization will want to have a policy in place to regulate how long someone must reside in their current position before being promoted or moving to another position within the company.
Recruiting and retaining top talent are the main concern for employers around the world. VensureHR offers human resources administrative services to further improve your competitive pull in the market. Contact Vensure to learn more!
Stay tuned for future announcements regarding full recruitment services for VensureHR clients.
[1,2] https://business.linkedin.com/content/dam/business/talent-solutions/global/en_us/c/pdfs/Ultimate-List-of-Hiring-Stats-v02.04.pdf
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