Post-COVID Tips for Resuming Business Travel

26 Aug


COVID-19 has certainly disrupted business engagements with postponed or canceled business events. However, 75% of business travelers are expected to resume normal or increased levels of travel post-COVID.[1] This is likely due to businesses resuming their new normal and low travel costs.
Here are some post-COVID tips for resuming business travel.

Limiting Business Travel to Essential Business Needs
First and foremost, the main question an employer should ask is: “Is travel necessary?” If the answer is no, then travel should be postponed or canceled depending on the business engagement. If the answer is yes, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides pre-travel and general travel tips to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Before you travel, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is COVID-19 spreading or prominent at your destination?*
  • Do you live with someone who is designated in a vulnerable population for contracting COVID-19?
  • Are you designated in a vulnerable population for contracting COVID-19?
  • Does your destination have requirements or restrictions for travelers?

If you answer “yes,” to any of these questions, you should reconsider travel. For example, if your destination is Florida, New York, or California, you should reconsider travel.

*NOTE: The CDC provides a map with COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Country

Continuing Health and Safety Protection Practices
If you decide to travel, it is imperative for you to take the necessary step to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. This includes:

  • Wearing a mask in public settings or in any setting where exposed to another person(s) – make sure the mask covers your nose and mouth
  • Practicing physical distancing (at minimum six feet apart)
  • Washing your hands often and/or using hand sanitizer (of at least 60% alcohol)
  • Avoiding exposure to anyone who is or may be sick
  • Not touching your eyes, nose, or mouth

Utilizing Loyalty Programs and Company Discount Services
One major change that is likely to occur is employers receiving requests for travel reimbursements or financial aid for business travel. To help combat these requests and alleviate the costs of business travel, investing in loyalty programs or company discount services could assist employees who need to travel for business. Car rental rewards and discount programs, airline miles and loyalty programs, hotel and hospitality loyalty and discount programs, and other relevant discounts, loyalty, or reward programs for business travel are great options to help offset some business travel costs.

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[1] Condé Nast Traveler