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PEOs for Startups: Scale Your Business Faster

11 Aug


Is your business a startup? Are you looking to grow and scale your business for continued growth? As a startup, you know the challenges new enterprises face, and working with a professional employer organization (PEO) will help you manage many of these challenges to grow your organization faster.

What is a PEO?

A PEO provides administrative services to companies that don’t have the means to do these services in-house. PEOs provide human resources, payroll administration, benefits administration, compliance, and risk mitigation. Through what’s called co-employment, the PEO becomes the administrative employer of record, meaning they process payroll, administer benefits, and assume certain tax liabilities of the partner company. Through this agreement, PEOs take the back office administrative tasks that bog down business owners, so they can focus on growth initiatives.

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How can a PEO scale your business?

For startups especially, PEOs not only reduce administrative workload, but also keep expenses down by eliminating the need to hire in-house positions, offering more affordable health benefit plans, and reducing the likelihood of compliance-related fines.


One of the major services PEOs offer is payroll processing and disbursement. Processing payroll takes an average of five days each week. That’s a significant amount of time your business could be spending elsewhere, like growth initiatives and operations. Using a PEO cuts this down to an average of two days each week. PEO payroll processing ensures accuracy, even with the most complex payrolls, and timeliness of payroll deposits. PEOs also manage the tax side of payroll, ensuring all federal and state deductions are correct for both employer and employee.

Human Resources

Employees are the backbone of every company, and that’s even more true for startups. Your company won’t grow if you don’t manage employee relations effectively. PEOs provide access to seasoned human resource professionals that work with startups to establish policies, procedures, handbooks, performance management, and more. Many startups don’t have the ability to hire a full-time HR professional, so using a PEO provides access to a dedicated HR team while saving on the costs of hiring in-house. With the possibility of hiring remote employees in different states, your PEO’s HR professionals will make sure your company is compliant with multi-state laws and regulations as well.


Through the co-employment agreement, PEOs can offer their partners high-quality, affordable health benefits. Typically, these plans are only available for larger companies, but through group plans, PEOs can offer them to small corporations at more affordable costs to the employers. Having high-quality health, dental, and retirement plans helps startups attract and retain great talent. PEOs generally manage employee enrollment and claims processing as well. This saves you time and money by eliminating the need to shop for different health plans, keeps you from paying excessive costs, and frees you from dedicating time to employee enrollment and processing.


One of the most complicated aspects of operating a business is compliance. PEOs ensure companies stay compliant with local, state, and federal laws and regulations, reporting regulations, workers’ compensation, and other employment laws. Some PEOs will offer employee training as well, including state-mandated training.

PEOs offer many advantages to businesses, especially startups. Having the ability to offset administrative burdens allows companies to focus on growing, rather than getting bogged down by administrative concerns and compliance issues. Finding the right PEO for your startup is also important. With VensureHR you’ll have access to a team of human resource, payroll, and benefit professionals to help you achieve your growth objectives faster and easier. Schedule a call with us to learn more about how we can help your startup grow.


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