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PEO Payroll Services: Can a PEO Help with Payroll?

28 Jan


Payroll services are part of a Professional Employer Organization’s offering to its clients. Through a PEO, small and medium-sized businesses can outsource their payroll management and processing responsibilities to a third-party provider.

PEOs partner with businesses to provide a wide range of HR services that include but are not limited to payroll processing. Additional services that PEO’s can offer your business include tax filing, employee benefits administration, risk management, and compliance assistance.

PEOs can even act as an employer of record. This means that the organization will be your staff’s co-employer and will take over some of the responsibilities involved. 

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What Do PEO Payroll Services Include?

If you often find yourself overwhelmed by payroll responsibilities, you may want to explore how PEOs can help. Owners of small and mid-sized businesses often find that delegating payroll and other HR-related responsibilities to a third-party allows them to focus on the core areas of their business – like improving their product or focusing on marketing their services. 

Here are some of the tasks that PEO payroll services can help with: 

#1 Issuing Paychecks and Direct Deposits

One of the primary tasks of PEOs is to issue paychecks to employees of client companies. A PEO will take over calculating employee wages and withholding taxes, as well as processing and distributing paychecks or arranging for direct deposits.

PEOs typically have advanced payroll processing software and systems that allow them to handle payroll tasks quickly and efficiently. And, more importantly, avoid mistakes!

#2 Preparing, Filing, and Settling Payroll Taxes

PEOs can also take care of preparing, filing, and settling payroll taxes for their client companies. They will calculate and withhold payroll taxes, file payroll tax returns, and make payroll tax payments to the relevant government agencies.

PEOs stay up-to-date on changes to payroll tax regulations, ensuring that client companies always remain compliant. If this is an area of your business that you struggle with, a PEO could be a good solution for you.

#3 Generating and Providing Annual W-2s

PEOs are responsible for generating and providing annual W-2 forms to employees of client companies.

This includes calculating the total wages earned, taxes withheld, and other deductions, as well as preparing and filing W-2 forms with the Social Security Administration and state tax authorities. PEOs take a lot of the administrative burden off your shoulders. 

#4 Managing Garnishments and Unemployment

PEOs can also manage garnishments and unemployment claims for client companies. 

They will process wage garnishments for things like child support or tax debts, as well as respond to unemployment claims and represent client companies at unemployment hearings.

#5 Tracking Employee Paid Personal and Sick Leave

PEOs can help client companies track and manage employee paid personal and sick leave. 

You won’t have to worry about calculating the amount of leave earned, tracking the amount of leave used, and ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations as the PEO will take care of all that for you.

#6 Tracking Time and Attendance

PEOs can also provide time and attendance tracking services. They will track employee hours worked, manage time-off requests, and also generate time and attendance reports. 

PEOs HR technology can usually integrate with a variety of time and attendance tracking tools, such as biometric time clocks or mobile apps. 

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PEO Payroll Services vs. Payroll Service Providers

It is key to note that although PEOs provide payroll services, these are part of a much larger HR and administrative offering. This is, primarily, what differentiates PEOs from Payroll Service Providers (PSP).  

Payroll Service Providers specialize in managing payroll and related tasks for businesses of all sizes. Their range of services can include calculating employee wages and taxes, processing and distributing employee paychecks and, sometimes, even managing employee benefits programs. 

However, a PSP won’t be able to handle talent acquisition or help you improve your company culture like a PEO could. If you are looking to offload more than just payroll, PEOs are definitely a more comprehensive option that could allow you to completely outsource your small business’ HR. 

How Much Do PEO Payroll Services Cost?

The cost of PEO services will depend on the amount and the scope of services you require. If your business is only looking for help with payroll processing and management, you will be charged less than a company looking to completely outsource human resources. 

There are two main ways in which a PEO can charge your company:

1) Overall Payroll Percentage: You will pay a percentage of total employer payroll for each period, including state and federal taxes, employment practice liability insurance and workers’ compensation.

2) Per-employee-Per-Month-Per-Year: You will pay a fixed fee per employee. For example, if the PEO charges $100 per employee and have 20 employees, you will be paying $2000 per month. 

How VensureHR Can Help

VensureHR provides comprehensive payroll processing services to small and medium-sized businesses. As a PEO, VensureHR can take over various areas of your business’ HR, including employee benefits, workers’ compensation, and regulatory compliance. 

With VensureHR’s payroll processing services, you can rest assured that your payroll is handled accurately and efficiently, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Contact us today!

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