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How a PEO Makes for a Better Business

10 Jul


Outsourcing. A word formerly taboo in the business world for thriving enterprises has gained a refreshed outlook through organizations of various sizes looking to supplement some of their day-to-day practices. Ranging from small business entrepreneurs to large multi-state providers have found solace in the benefits and administrative management of outsourced both human resource providers and professional employer organizations (PEO).

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In the United States, more than 175,000[1] businesses rely on outsourced human resources and PEOs for their day-to-day business needs. For these organizations, the ability to streamline their business operations, take advantage of the ability to access industry-leading technology, and improve daily process makes the idea of outsourcing worthwhile.

Adding a PEO or HR provider to manage regular business operations and administration could lead to:

  • Improved customer service and product reliability.
  • Lessening the employee skill gap.
  • Solving business challenges before they happen.
  • Top-tier technology and qualified industry professionals.

Outsourcing elements of existing business administration responsibilities means business owners and employers are able to better manage stress and regain focus on the core areas of the business that generate the most revenue: customer service, project management, product development, etc. Instead of dedicating a team to focus on researching better benefits, reworking the organization’s risk management plan, or reviewing the employee handbook, outsourced PEO professionals and HR experts will take the lead.

The right HR or PEO partner will allow the business to choose the services that best meet their needs. In turn, the business receives unmatched assistance from outside professionals who have years of experience in their role. Essential business areas like risk management, workers’ compensation, and payroll administration, among others, make sense to outsource rather than the business taking on those responsibilities in-house.

Businesses of all sizes, both small locally owned to large multi-state operations, are proud to have the option of working with a best-in-class third-party provider of HR and PEO services. Contact Vensure to start putting your focus back on your employees and client relationships, while reducing the hit to your bottom line and saving time across multiple departments.

[1] NAPEO: Industry Statistics

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