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Payroll Processing, the Vensure Way

27 Mar


VensureHR has both the advanced technology and technical expertise to relieve clients of the unproductive burden of payroll. While we understand that most business owners would rather watch paint dry than process payroll, it is that one unloved task that all companies with employees, regardless of their size, have to do. That is where we come in. Vensure’s comprehensive payroll processing services provide peace of mind in the complex and ever-changing world of paycheck processing. Since Vensure is known in the industry as having one of the best payroll departments, we gathered a couple of our Lead Payroll Technicians, Arielle Goodman and Cesar Castellanos, and talked to them about what makes Vensure stand out from the rest.

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When asked what sets Vensure apart, without hesitation, both agreed it was Vensure’s superior customer service and outstanding teamwork. “I love the knowledge-pool that comes with being a close-knit payroll team,” said Cesar. “I can be stuck in a situation that I’ve never experienced before but know that I can reach out to my team and have someone guide me to a resolution instantly. I enjoy the client interactions I have every day. Building rapport with my clients helps me understand their exact business needs.” Arielle added, “I love working with the payroll team at Vensure because we are all about teamwork! We work together and help each other with problem-solving for our clients. We are all constantly learning and growing as a department.”
While Vensure delivers payroll processing, as well as other services customized to meet each client’s needs, it is our simple, secure and convenient 24/7 online access to payroll, along with Reality Check, Vensure’s proprietary check printing solution, which helps attract new clients. Our comprehensive suite of services allows both employers and employees to monitor and manage their information via a secure website from anywhere. “Vensure is great because we provide options,” says Arielle. “That flexibility allows employers to feel more comfortable submitting their payroll. Our web option is particularly great because it allows employers to have full control over the process. We are always here to assist with any questions or concerns.” Cesar agreed.
Our comprehensive payroll processing services can also help minimize the risks of falling out of compliance. Our operations department is made up of several specialized teams, to stay on top of ever-changing laws. These teams include Payroll, Payroll Tax, Operations Maintenance, Unemployment, and Garnishments. When asked what each felt were some of the most important features to using Vensure to manage payroll, Cesar responded, “Vensure’s payroll services come backed with an entire office of knowledgeable staff to assist with any unusual situation our clients may have. We provide dedicated specialists to streamline payroll and get employees paid as accurately as possible.” Arielle added, “Success is when all of our clients have their payroll processed perfectly and on time, when all of our clients feel listened to and appreciated, and they feel like their needs have been met.” With that being said, we wondered how Vensure’s payroll department keeps up to date on changes in the industry. “We hold meetings every week to discuss many topics relevant to payroll and our payroll team,” said Arielle. “For example, when we were gearing up for the W2 season we went over all the possible questions or concerns a client or employee could have and the best way to resolve them. This kept everyone on the same page and made sure we were using the correct policies.” Cesar added, “Our bi-weekly team and lead meetings not only help us to stay up to date with current processing trends, but they also help to provide an open floor for discussion regarding any questions any technicians may have.”
Finally, when asked what makes Vensure’s Payroll Technicians the best in the industry, Cesar responded, “Two words… being analytical. Anyone can sit behind a desk and press keys all day, but it takes analytical thinking to understand the payroll process from beginning to end. It may be cliché to say, but Vensure’s technicians thinking outside the box comes in handy, and asking questions accelerates knowledge in understanding how to meet specific client needs.” Arielle added, “Companies have many options for us to help them. Our payroll technicians work personally with clients from start to finish each week to make their payroll processing easier.”
Whether you are a start-up or an established business, Vensure can assist you with creating or streamlining your processes to ensure you are prepared to navigate the complexities of processing your payroll.
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