Onshore, Nearshore, and Offshore: Everything You Need to Know

09 Sep


As businesses have re-opened and are returning to their “new normal,” now may be the time to start looking at re-staffing or hiring more staff as some businesses never closed. Though business owners may be ready to hire, turning to alternative staffing, such as nearshore, offshore, or onshore staffing services can offer great benefits for employers.

For those who have only hired in-state or local areas and are unfamiliar with these staffing solutions, VensureHR has created a guide to help you understand the benefits of each one.

Onshore refers to outsourcing within the same country or region. This can provide benefits, such as limited language barriers or cultural differences, same or closely aligned time zones, and easier to communicate, meet, or conduct training.

Nearshore is outsourcing to a nearby country or region. For example, VensureHR’s business partner, Solvo Global, is located in Colombia and provides nearshore staffing solutions.

Some benefits to nearshore outsourcing include reduced time zone differences, less expensive than onshore, minor cultural differences or language barriers, and still capable of visiting and maintaining an effective business partnership.

Offshore outsourcing is hiring from another country in a different time zone. Some benefits of offshore outsourcing may include expanded talent pools, high-level expertise at lower costs, dedicated team to manage service(s), and swift turnaround times on projects.

Did you know that India, Ukraine, China, Poland, and the Philippines are the top five countries used for outsourced services?[1] VensureHR can provide both onshore and nearshore staffing solutions for your business needs. We have the technology capabilities and HR industry expertise to deliver top tier recruiting and staffing services. Contact us today to learn more about our HR services that will assist your business in finding greater success.

Source: Medium
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