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Preparing for Success in the New Year with PEO Services

15 Jan


The first month or two into a new year is always a grand gesture of which direction a business is going to take. Most times businesses strategize the upcoming year and begin delegating projects to appropriate departments. Ask yourself this: do you have what it takes to reach your full potential in 2020? Take a look at some top areas of interest that will lead you to greater success.

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Staffing and recruitment. In modern day, staffing and recruiting has become more competitive than ever with candidates seeking increased and unique benefits and companies struggling to align budget, business operations demands, and recruiting top talent. One way to tackle recruiting is exploring options outside of your comfort zone, such as near shore staffing solutions, streamlining onboarding, investing in upskilling, and other similar approaches. Direct candidate communication can also assist in creating transparency between hiring managers and candidates.

Payroll processing. From time and attendance, tax reporting, garnishments, unemployment, and other payroll processing services needed for business, take control of your payroll processing needs through a proper, all-inclusive platform. Investing in an adequate payroll software or system will allow personalization, enforce security, and provide real-time reports and access to information at the times when employees need it most.

Workers’ compensation. Whether you need to re-evaluate your risk management policies and processes or switch workers’ compensation insurance, there are many intricacies to the workers’ compensation industry. Business owners need to do more than just stay afloat by staying up to date on state and federal OSHA regulations, remain proactive in preventative methods, and ensuring all information is available to employees.

HR Services. Applicant tracking, performance management, and onboarding are all essential functions to HR planning. Integrating HR technology creates more efficient and effective HR services for HR service providers through improved organization, smoother workflow processes, and ensuring clear, consistent communications. Remaining compliant with all HR regulations and dedicating time and resources to new HR solutions can push your business to the top of its industry.

A PEO can provide staffing, recruiting, payroll processing, workers’ compensation, and HR services to push your business to reach its full potential.

What is a PEO? A professional employment organization (PEO) is a co-employment business structure. PEOs not only offer unlimited resources and teams of subject-matter experts, but also take on back-office administrative tasks to allow business leaders and their teams to refocus their attention and efforts to generating leads and growing their business.

VensureHR is a one-stop shop for business solutions. We are your partner PEO, offering an extensive, customized index of PEO services, including staffing solutions, job recruitment, payroll processing, HR planning, workers’ compensation, and employee benefits. Contact VensureHR today to see what PEO services best suit your business needs.

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