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Employee Engagement Surveys: Best Practices for Effective Implementation

16 Oct


What’s the best way to gauge how your employees feel about your company’s policies and overall? You may want to start by asking them. Engagement surveys are an anonymous tool to generate feedback from your staff and determine where your company can improve from the employee’s perspective. We’ll discuss some best practices for implementing surveys so you can get more valuable feedback.

Benefits of Employee Engagement Surveys

Engagement surveys will give you a greater understanding of how employees are feeling, what matters to them, and what they need to feel supported and valued. They’re a crucial step in understanding and improving your company culture. They provide a good indication of your organization’s strengths and help identify areas of improvement. You will also gain greater insight into your employees’ motivation to work for you and their feelings about the company’s mission and values. Here are some additional benefits of engagement surveys.

Predicts Behavior

Surveys can help companies determine turnover. By simply asking how long an employee intends to remain at your company will give you a greater idea of motivation and predict future turnover. Seeing how many employees don’t respond to the survey is also an indicator of how many will potentially leave within the next six months to a year.

Employees Feel Heard

Asking employees to complete a survey gives them a chance to share their opinions, in an anonymous setting. It shows your company values their input, feedback, and ideas and is open to making improvements.

Impacts Change

Asking questions a certain way can impact outcomes and change. For example, if you ask employees if they are personally committed to improving their experience at work, those who say yes are more likely to follow through and request additional tools and resources to help them be more engaged.

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Best Practices for Implementation

To make sure your surveys are most effective, follow these six steps and best practices to implement.

  • Find the right survey tool: There are many different survey providers to choose from, but every organization is different. First, identify what you want to learn from your employees and look for platforms to help you get those insights.
  • Get leadership buy-in: Like any change that takes place within an organization, leadership’s buy-in is key to its success. A focused survey is a great way to provide executives with direct feedback so they can determine which areas they may want to take a deeper dive into. Talk to leaders in your company about what is most important for them to know from employees. This way they will have some input on some of the questions asked.
  • Encourage engagement among employees: Communicate with your team members as to why you are asking for their feedback. Reassure them that results are anonymous, and they are ultimately to help improve employee engagement and experience.
  • Launch your survey: Give your employees a timeline to take the survey and send out reminders as the deadline approaches. This will ensure you get the greatest amount of participation.
  • Create a benchmark for results: Gather competitor data to create a benchmark against which to measure your results. This will help you determine what employees are expecting and looking for based on industry and types of organizations. Benchmarking also helps you establish a value proposition as it will show you where your company is really excelling versus others.
  • Analyze and share results: From the results of the survey, you can begin to pinpoint where your strengths are and the areas that need improvement. You should thank employees for taking the survey, and share the results with them, while also communicating how you plan to address concerns.

Receiving feedback from employees directly is a great way to understand what motivates them and where your company may need to improve its processes. If you are looking for help with engagement surveys, VensureHR is here for you. Our experienced HR professionals will work with your business to determine the best platform for you, assist with a communication plan, and help you understand the results as well as develop a game plan for any improvement. Request a call with us today to learn more.


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