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Incorporating Community Outreach Initiatives into Business Plans

29 Jan


Companies are characteristically built on the foundation of followers who believe in the products, services, and/or brand and support business through purchasing, referring, and collaborating on all fronts. Many businesses show reciprocated value through promotions, discounts, and participating in local events to help endorse fellow partners and clients. Community outreach initiatives help build a company’s reputation in the local communities through showing face and developing a personal connection to community members, expand the network of connections and recognition of a brand, and presents the opportunity for future partnerships.
Here are some ways that you may incorporate community outreach initiatives in your business plans for the year ahead.

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Nonprofits. Nonprofit organizations focus on specialized issues within a community, such as homelessness, career advancement, domestic violence and abuse, substance and mental health issues, and youth. You, some of your coworkers, or your entire company volunteering at a local nonprofit event can garner a positive reputation for empathy towards your local community members, issues within the community, and lending your support. Other opportunities could be in hosting a fundraising event where proceeds are donated to a nonprofit of choice. Your company could choose a new nonprofit organization quarterly or annually to ensure all funds and efforts are diversely spread.
Internships. Another win-win opportunity to enhance community outreach and increase potential candidate pools is to develop internship programs that can assist young professionals start their career with a strong foundation. Opening the door to local community members may also lend a unique perspective for your business as they may be more familiar with your business, products, services, and the local market.
Volunteer. Many employees opt to volunteer in their spare time for organizations with whom they feel connected. Company-sponsored volunteer events represents a core characteristic of most companies. For example, taking a holiday volunteer event and turning it into an annual volunteer event. Or even taking a holiday volunteer event and creating a similar monthly or quarterly event.
Events. Like with volunteer work, there are countless ways to participate in local events, both individually and as a company-wide employee engagement activity. For example, instead of traditional holiday-related events, choose a local homeless shelter or humane society. Because people and animals in communities need help year long, it would be beneficial to choose events that have a universal impact rather than those just geared towards holiday giving.
Because community outreach is centered on providing education, information, inclusion, and transparency,[1] these initiatives can pave the way for giving back to your communities. If you’d like to learn more about a revamp to your employee handbook, contact VensureHR. We value the inclusivity and diversity in the workplace, and can provide out-of-the-box HR solutions for your business.
[1] https://www.journalreview.com/stories/community-outreach-critical-to-success,104020

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