Two businesswomen wearing masks as the share a co-working station

Co-Working Spaces: Changing How Employees Work

11 Nov


Remote work and co-working spaces might not be new concepts to business operations, but it has certainly been streamlined since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged. With flexible workspaces expected to expand to nearly 49,500 by 2022,[1] it should come as no surprise that as business efficiencies change, so do the solutions.

Co-working Space: What Is It?

A co-working space is a flexible workspace solution that offers a range of workspace options. From private co-working spaces like standard private offices, office suites, and custom buildouts, to open co-working spaces like hot desks, dedicated desks, lab desks, and event spaces, co-working spaces can offer temporary to permanent flexible workspace solutions.

Benefits of Co-working Spaces

Co-working spaces can be a great alternative to work-from-home challenges and return-to-office obstacles many employers may be facing post-COVID.

For example, some common work-from-home challenges include at-home distractions or interruptions and social isolation. A co-working space can offer quieter, dedicated office space for employees to complete their work uninterrupted. It also provides an opportunity to connect with other business professionals utilizing the space alleviating some of the social isolation working from home causes.

Co-working spaces can also offer remedies for return-to-work obstacles. To assist employees returning to work, offering a co-working space can provide employees:

  • A shorter commute to a co-working office than the designated employer office
  • Reduce facility needs, such as desks, office space, and supplies
  • Alternative workspaces for business travel (i.e., instead of working out of a hotel room or makeshift space in a busy office)
  • A designated place outside of their house and away from distractions for presentations or special occasions and events

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[1] GCUC (as provided by smallbizgenius)