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Broken Communication and Your Brand Reputation

09 Feb


No matter how much data you have, organizational success is inherently dependent on effective communication. A 2022 study shows that 86% of employees and executives lack efficient collaboration and communication skills, citing these as the main causes of workplace roadblocks. However, teams that do communicate effectively can increase productivity by 25%. Needless to say, communication is a key component of business and brand success.

If an employer has the inability to meet workers’ needs, the brand eventually starts to feel the effects of missing or inefficient communication. Team members serve as brand ambassadors for their organization when they are both on and off the job. On the job, customer-facing employees may not use or even know proper customer service-focused communication techniques, which can potentially hurt the customer’s view of the brand.

While it may be easy for employers and employees to recognize the importance of better and more frequent communication, the company may not have the tools or expertise to effectively upgrade its existing communication standards. With a little hard work and due diligence, you can improve the way your team communicates and transform your brand for the better.

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Fixing Communication and Improving Brand Reputation

Healing the brand’s reputation starts by improving the broken communication structure in the organization. A recent Gallup study found that a whopping 93% of surveyed employees believe their internal communications to be inaccurate, untimely, and not transparent. This will hinder your company from thriving. Here are tips on how to fix your communication practices and, in turn, strengthen your brand as a whole.

Establish a foundation of trust among your team

By establishing a solid foundation of trust between organization leaders and workers, you are opening a constant line of communication within your team. Not only will this allow your employees to feel comfortable coming to you with issues or questions, but it also allows leaders to respond effectively. If this seems difficult at the beginning, there is no harm in starting slowly. Create a suggestion box where employees can anonymously share their thoughts, concerns, and questions. Hosting a communication workshop is another beneficial way to introduce your team to open communication.

Host regular town hall meetings

Begin holding consistent town hall meetings where the most critical communications can be relayed face-to-face. Employees then have the chance to ask questions directly to leaders and receive answers on the spot. Customer-facing employees will be able to pass along appropriate messages to customers, thereby reinforcing a positive brand image.

Communicate with your customers

Employee communication is vital if you want your business to succeed. But it is equally important to communicate effectively with your customers to show them what your brand is all about. Start by sharing your company’s story, in your own words. Consumers are more likely to connect with brands they can relate to and understand. You can form a connection and communicate with your customers in this way by writing high-quality content, too. The power of content marketing has a significant impact on your brand reputation! Providing compelling media related to your business and services shows your customers that they can trust your company to give them what they need.

Communicate by listening

As much as employees and customers need communication, it is important to remember that one of the most effective ways to communicate is to listen. You can learn more about your team’s needs, issues, concerns, and goals by being an active listener. Get involved, ask questions, think about what your team members are saying, avoid multitasking, and provide thoughtful responses and solutions.

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In an effort to improve communication across your company, your brand will also see a positive boost in brand recognition. Happy employees mean happy customers, who often turn into promoters of your business. 
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