Blue Collar & White Collar Business Solutions

Blue Collar vs White Collar PEO Needs

18 Sep


When it comes to professional employer organization (PEO) services, businesses of all sizes require different ranges of organizational services to help manage their day-to-day challenges. PEOs work to simplify administrative processes, mitigate risk, lower costs, and create a happier work environment overall.
Not all businesses require the same levels or service options, however. For example, a construction company will weigh heavier in risk management and workers’ compensation while a call center-focused customer service business will require more focus on employee benefits and human resources.

Blue-collar and white-collar, terms coined in the early 1920s, evoke mental images of purely manual or hard labor vs. employees who have desk jobs. In fact, when it comes to how these organizations manage their administrative duties and human resources, there are differences that extend beyond physical labor.

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