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An International Approach to the Traditional Workforce

04 Dec


Can Outsourcing Work For Your Company?

With younger generations entering the workforce with greater emphasis on technology and forward-thinking approaches, sometimes business demands are greater than anticipated requiring additional help to revolutionize the workforce. In most cases, businesses rapidly grow at a pace the employer is unable to sustain on their own. To solve this problem, many companies look to offshore outsourcing, staffing companies, and other staffing services to boost the roster to better serve the company’s needs.
Alternative staffing solutions, such as outsource staffing, can provide benefits to the company. Here are just a few:

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Accessibility to More Talent
Like most staffing agencies, candidates are vetted, and only qualified talent is sent for review to prospective clients. Engaging in outside staffing solutions automatically provides quality candidates the business may have never discovered had the team not sought help. Many countries who participate in offshore staffing solutions are eager to be a competitor service provider and grant special exemptions and incentives to companies that invest in their economy. For example, most have a dedicated recruitment team to seek and retain qualified candidates for their clients, thus reducing HR service costs. Numerous offshore staffing companies place higher requirements on their candidates to remain competitive, such as bi- or multi-lingual and university educated.

Reducing Costs
Offshore staffing can provide a reduction in HR costs due to the responsibility of their own staffing and operation expenses. Any additional training of employees is the sole responsibility of the outsourcing company, which takes any expenses of increased staffing, training, and operations off the budget.
With the help of outside staffing agencies, companies can improve productivity because they can focus their resources on core business functions rather than administrative HR duties. The savings collected from using alternative workforce staffing solutions can be redistributed to other initiatives and projects.

Dedicated Staff and Resources
Dedicating a specific staff and resources to a single entity allows easy control of increasing and decreasing staffing depending on business demands. This dedicated staff allows overflow work inquiries to be tended to in an advanced manner without compromising the integrity of work product. Working together with in-house and offshore employees can allow increased productivity and efficiency in attaining business goals.

In selecting staff and resources to support the company, an offshore team can provide a wide-ranging net of highly skilled and educated talent. With unique skills, such as advanced technology skills and vast cultural fluency, which could provide for expanding business globally. Offshore employees can also offer new perspectives and diverse problem-solving methods.

Another alternative solution could be either allowing your current employees to work remotely or contracting remote employees to help tame the chaos. Some employers hesitate to incorporate telecommuting as an option to their business model due to security and confidentiality issues, as well as ensuring productivity of employees. However, there are many benefits to remote work for both the company and your employees. Increased productivity and general employee health are correlated with remote work arrangements.

Things to Keep in Mind
These staffing alternatives are beneficial, but like most business-centric solutions, they do carry some risk.

Cultural Challenges
While most countries will require fluency in English, especially when dealing in staffing, businesses may still encounter various cultural challenges. One of those challenges can be in communication styles. For example, in India, it is considered rude to start a conversation with business. Conversations should be started with inquiring about the person’s wellbeing, their hobbies, or a topic of a personal nature prior to transitioning to business. Other communication issues that may arise could be tone or expressions not familiar to other countries. Most companies are willing to accommodate and adapt to cultural differences. In selecting a staffing agency, the employer may want to consider their available locations for recruitment.

Time Zone Differences
By allowing employees to telecommute, it is important to keep in mind that there is going to be a time difference hurdle. For example, Arizona does not participate in Daylight Savings. Businesses located in who also employ Arizona residents will find it beneficial to set reminders for twice-per-year time changes.
Businesses located on the west coast with east coast employees can delegate work and ensure clients on in the later time zone always have access to an available representative. If you have an international team based out of Germany, for example, the business could boast the option to run a 24/7 business where German employees manage operations during the evening and the U.S. team can run operations during normal business hours.

One concern with offshore companies might include security. Initial concerns are likely centered around cybersecurity and office security. What is implemented in the United States may be different than that offered in other countries. While most offshore staffing companies will remain diligent in their efforts to ensure security breach prevention and data integrity preservation, communication and collaboration are key in maintaining said security measures.

VensureHR is equipped with innovative HR solutions, from payroll administration to risk management and employee benefits to staffing solutions. Unique to VensureHR is Vensure Marketplace, which includes our business partners that offer extended products and services to our clients and other business partners, including staffing solutions.

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