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2020 Employee Wellness Trends

19 Feb


Employee wellness and employee wellness programs are trending in the new decade as businesses are beginning to shift their focus on employee engagement, employee benefits, and recruiting efforts. 76% of employees believe their employer is responsible for their health and wellbeing, and 87% of employees expect their employer to assist in creating a work-life balance.[1] From general health and employee wellness programs, to financial wellness, mental health services, and employee assistance programs (EAP), employers have various avenues to explore in aiding their employees’ wellbeing.
Here are some employee wellness trends to watch in 2020:
Mental health is coming to the forefront as critical concerns have increased nationwide. Employers can take the initiative by seeking out medical plans that include mental health benefits, such as telemedicine, self-assessments, counseling, and prescription drug plans. Addressing stress, depression, and other related mental health issues in the workplace can increase employee engagement, employee performance, and employee satisfaction. All of these can benefit the employer.
Incorporating an EAP can also aid employee wellness. These programs provide free, confidential resources and tools to assist employees with personal and/or work-related issues.[2]
Sometimes employees feel as if their work is not as impactful as they had hoped and are left seeking more meaningful work. Depending on the industry, it may be difficult to find tasks or projects that provide a more significant incentive for employees. One way to combat this is to provide community outreach events or paid volunteer days. This can help provide the social enrichment your employees seek at a small cost for you as the employer.
Financial wellness programs aim to reduce financial stressors, such as continued education, retirement planning, and similar financial issues. Financial wellness programs can be customized to include financial planning, tuition reimbursement, financial resources (i.e., seminars, courses, information), and loan assistance services that can assist with overall employee wellness.
While employee wellness is typically a priority for employers, they may not have all the available resources or tools to serve their employees the best employee benefits. VensureHR is your PEO provider equipped with full-service HR services including employee benefits. We have employee benefit specialists that can assist with benefits enrollment and administration and finding employee benefits solutions that best resolve your employees’ needs.

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