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10 Ways to Experience the Benefits of Gratitude this Holiday Season

01 Dec


Never underestimate the power of gratitude, which can positively enhance your state of mind, your physical health, and the quality of your relationships. Below are some of the many benefits of gratitude and 10 ways to unite your mind and heart to unleash the positive energy in your life.

What are the key benefits of gratitude?

Gratitude can transform virtually every aspect of your life. People in search of health and happiness can achieve fulfillment by incorporating appreciation into their daily activities and interactions with others. Here are some benefits that you will enjoy by focusing on gratitude in your everyday life:

  • You will enjoy improved physical health. Studies show that grateful people are healthier and able to manage stress more efficiently. They also tend to have stronger immune systems.
  • Your relationships will be more fruitful. Expressing gratitude is a wonderful way to positively impact your relationships with friends, family members, and colleagues.
  • Sharing and showing gratitude in both life and work situations is compatible with compassion. By approaching life with compassion, you will be more apt to approach others with altruism and generosity.
  • Your mental health will improve. Improved mental health is a scientifically proven benefit of giving thanks. Specifically, gratitude helps eliminate counterproductive emotions such as anger and envy.

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How can you unite your mind and heart to foster gratitude?

Focusing on your many blessings is not always easy, especially when life presents you with a plate of challenges. Fortunately, there are many simple ways to become a more compassionate person and foster gratitude. Below are ten ways to unite your mind and heart to unleash the positive energy in your life.
1) Commit to approaching life with your heart.
Gratitude does not develop out of thin air. For many people, fostering thankfulness requires dedication to focus their minds on their hearts as opposed to their heads. Resist the urge to fall into the habit of mentally overanalyzing every situation in life, and let your heart be a driving force in your life.
2) Surround yourself with people who are positive and grateful.
Focusing on gratitude is much easier when you are constantly in the midst of other people who are positive and appreciative of life’s bounty. Nourish your relationships with friends and loved ones by reaching out to them regularly and spending quality time with them.
3) Start a gratitude journal to remind you of the positive forces in your life.
Sometimes when the chips are low, it can be challenging to think of the many positive aspects of our lives. You can start a gratitude journal by merely writing down the top three things for which you are grateful every day. Your journal can provide well-needed motivation and encouragement when life challenges emerge.
4) Strive to achieve work-life balance.
Achieving the proper work-life balance will help prevent your employment from interfering with your quest for gratitude. You can achieve work-life balance by carving out plenty of time for family, spiritual healing, and non-work related activities.
5) Immerse yourself in volunteer activities.
Engaging in volunteer activities is a wonderful way to give from your heart and give back to the community. It’s a great way to come together as a team with your coworkers and also a good way for parents to instill true gratitude in their children.
6) Participate in activities you enjoy.
Hobbies and other enjoyable activities are important because they boost our confidence and help us maintain a positive state of mind. You can enjoy added benefits by participating in your favorite activities with friends and loved ones.
7) Do not miss a chance to express your positive feelings.
Telling friends, loved ones and even coworkers how you feel about them plays a vital role in living a gratitude-infused life. In addition to making a difference in someone else’s day, you will enhance your state of well-being. Whether it is a simple phone call or a short note to thank someone for their support, expressions are an excellent way to show gratitude.
8) Look for the silver lining in difficult situations.
No one is immune to challenges in life. However, you cannot let them stand in the way of gratitude. Strive to become an expert on finding the up-side of challenging situations. By embracing gratitude during stressful life events, you can build the confidence and positivity to survive them.
9) Refrain from focusing on the things you don’t have.
You will never be able to experience genuine gratitude if you focus on the things that you don’t have. Instead, reframe your thinking process and concentrate on the many blessings that you can enjoy in everyday life.
10) Strive to share gratitude with others every day.
Sharing gratitude with others is a fulfilling way to influence your relationships and your state of mind positively. You can share appreciation verbally or by merely smiling at those around you. You can even share gratitude by posting inspirational messages on social media or by creating a blog and sharing a positive note once each day.

The Bottom Line

Experiencing true gratitude requires you to think freely with your heart as opposed to using your brain to process life’s events. One of the best ways to foster thankfulness is to remind yourself of the physical and psychological benefits of gratitude and engage in the ten behaviors above. By uniting your mind and your heart, you will have the courage and compassion to approach every day and every person with positivity.

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