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Your Candidate’s First Step Into Your Business

The recruiting process can be lengthy and frustrating. However, when you find the perfect candidate to fill your open role, the challenges are well-worth working through. Once you decide who you want to bring aboard, it is necessary to send them a job offer letter. Download our free Job Offer Letter Template to craft the perfect offer that will compel a candidate to join your organization!

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Congratulations—after a long search for the perfect candidate to fill an open role within your company, you finally found one. Now a new challenge begins…getting the candidate to join your company.

You may have given them ample information about your organization…you may have even given them a verbal offer to join, but it still isn’t enough to get them through your doors. What you need is a perfectly crafted offer letter that explicitly details the preliminary terms of their to-be employment.

Not only will an offer letter allow you to get a signature from your candidate, but it will also eliminate much of the uncertainty on their end. By mitigating some of their questions and worries, you are helping to shine a spotlight on your business by being organized, prepared, and excited to welcome your new employee.

But, how do you write a proper job offer letter?

Fortunately for you, we’re providing this free job offer letter template so you don’t need to guess what you should include. The template also allows you to send offer letters with more efficiency and makes it so you won’t have to write out a brand new letter every time you’d like to hire a candidate.

What does the job offer letter template include?

The purpose of the job offer letter template is for you to create and send offers as simple as possible. Throughout the template, we provide a number of selectable and clickable options to fill the template digitally, giving you the ability to reuse the template whenever necessary.

The template starts with standard information such as the employee’s classification, company name, position, and department. Continuing, the candidate will be provided with a start date, salary, and pay period information.

Our job offer letter template also includes a full section dedicated to your business’ benefits package. We know all businesses are unique and have a wide variety of offerings. In order to tailor toward your needs, you’ll find an array of options to select that will mirror the benefits an employee may opt in to. This includes when employees are able to receive benefits, any form of leave (paid, unpaid, PTO, floating holiday, etc.), and base-level retirement information.

At the end of the offer letter template, we’ve left space for the hiring manager’s information and signature lines.

More about the job offer letter template.

It is important to note that the job offer letter template is not a legally binding contract. It is simply the first step of a new employee’s onboarding process. If you wish to make changes to your offer, or in the event of a negotiation, you are able to do so.

Furthermore, if the terms of employment are different for certain employees, which is often the case, you are encouraged to start with a blank template to meet those terms. It is also recommended that each time you fill out the job offer letter template and have it signed by a candidate, you save a copy to your fill for safekeeping.  

Good luck with the remainder of your recruiting process!