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Full-Service HR Solutions

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Freedom to Succeed

VensureHR is one of the nation’s fastest growing professional employer organizations (PEO), offering complete, end-to-end solutions for outsourced Payroll administration, Human Resources, Benefits, Risk Management and Workers’ Compensation services for businesses of any size, anywhere in the country.

Other PEOs may tell you that they can help you grow your business…but how many are 100% committed to your success? Only one PEO services provider is in that category: VensureHR.

As an experienced PEO, we will give you unlimited access to tools and resources that can minimize or completely remove your daily administrative and management burden. By streamlining essential business tasks and minimizing threats to your business, we provide cost-effective, high-quality employee benefit solutions and reduced workers’ compensation-associated costs.

Payroll Administration
Employee Benefits
Risk Management
Workers' Compensation
Human Resources

Flexible Business Solutions with a PEO

Each business is unique. From operational differences to varying business objectives, VensureHR has the ability to design a flexible, tailored solution to satisfy even your most complex company mission.

Throughout your new PEO partnership, you maintain control of your business but with the added benefit of anytime access to some of the top HR, compliance, and payroll specialists in the industry. Our business is to help improve yours—never fear your internal HR team will be replaced. Instead, you can consider the VensureHR team as an extension of your own in-house team of professionals.

Flexible Business Solutions with a PEO

Financial Services
Life Sciences
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More Time to Focus on Your Business

VensureHR has changed the way clients manage people, retain talent, accomplish goals, and improve company culture. Instead of spending weeks preparing for annual enrollment, auditing your employee handbook, researching updates to federal, state, and local compliance laws, you can focus on building your business, tending to your customers, and giving your employees the attention they deserve.

Regain organizational peace-of-mind with the technology and industry best practices to accelerate your business through a PEO partnership—VensureHR will take it from here.

HR and PEO Solutions to Simplify Your Day

Professional employer organizations (PEOs) offer companies of any size the ability to outsource certain administrative or back-office duties in order to focus more on revenue-generating activities. More than 175,000 businesses across the United States look to PEOs to assist in their outsourced HR and benefits needs! Here are some details around the most common solutions available through a PEO.


Pay or Be Paid: Payroll Services
The payroll services offered by PEOs include all of the bells and whistles like new hire paperwork, preparing and filing payroll taxes, and issuing W-2s.


All About People: HR or Human Resource Management
Human resource automation assists the business in managing their employees through an unbiased look at the company’s technological landscape in terms of employees and benefits value. In an effort to both retain top talent and increase productivity, businesses rely on PEOs to manage personnel files and the HR database, unemployment claims, and other administrative services to help the business stay competitive in the industry.


The Art of Attracting and Retaining Talent: Employee Benefits
A competitive, employee-first benefits program is a vital element in not only attracting but also retaining top talent and quality employees. With this, however, making benefits decisions for an entire employee base for the whole year can be overwhelming. Find confidence in knowing employees will receive access to affordable healthcare, vision, and dental services from providers with nationwide coverage. Additional coverage includes 401(k), gap insurance, telemedicine, and critical illness, among others.


Managing Injuries: Risk Management and Workers’ Compensation
With Vensure, risk management and workers’ compensation outsourcing means allowing us to provide and administer your workers’ compensation insurance, assist with maintaining a safe work environment through our loss control services and manage claims by getting your employees well and back to work as soon as possible. This would also include on-site guidance with safety and OSHA compliance training.


All of the acronyms and abbreviations used when working with a third-party to outsource administration services can be overwhelming. When it comes down to the basics, businesses need a partner in administration services to maintain and improve employee morale and minimize threats to the business. With all these services offered in one place, what else are you waiting for? Get started today!