Proactive Health Management

The Proactive Health Management Plan (PHMP) is designed to encourage employees to use preventive care to create healthy living habits and to identify early potential medical issues.

A supplemental health benefits package, PHMP aims to get employees in control of their well-being. From online health coaching to 24/7 access to medical professionals through the telehealth program, and more. On average*, employees enrolled in PHMP see an increase in each paycheck. After enrollment is complete, the employee will receive an email and a phone call to review enrollment details, determine the potential paycheck increase, and answer any questions regarding the many benefits and savings of PHMP.

Employee Health is Invaluable

Employees lead busy lives and are often too busy to stop and focus on their own health. PHMP offers the expertise and encouragement needed to get employees’ health back on track. PHMP will work with employees to create a new normal, work to prevent, diminish, or in some cases, eliminate impending health issues altogether. Improved employee health makes for a stronger and empowered workforce.

Renewed Health Focus

PHMP is a limited benefit health insurance plan providing covered members with fully insured indemnity benefits including health and lifestyle coaches specializing in personal training and life coaching. Reinforce behavioral changes by making better choices, starting with adding PHMP to your benefits plan.

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