PEO Services in Maine

Are you an employer seeking help with HR and payroll in the state of Maine? VensureHR is a local Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that provides expert HR outsourcing and payroll processing services—saving employers time, money and headaches.

At VensureHR, we act as our clients’ offsite payroll and HR team, so they’re free to focus on what they do best, whether they’re in Portland or Bangor.   

We know firsthand how frustrating HR software and admin can be when you’re trying to run a business. And we know what’s required to operate successfully in your state. In fact, according to satisfied clients, we are among the best PEO companies in Maine. 


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Overview of Maine PEO Services

Chances are, you didn’t start your business in order to wrestle with endless HR rules, regulations, and requirements. You went into business because you’re passionate about what you do. With our Maine PEO services, you can hand-off the HR responsibilities to us—and get back to concentrating on what you do best.

Our PEO services in Maine include:

  • Prompt, accurate payroll processing
  • Compensation and benefits management  
  • Employee benefits administration
  • Talent acquisition, recruitment and onboarding
  • Performance management and employee relations
  • Risk management
  • Compliance services
  • Expert HR consulting solutions

How can our PEO services benefit your business? There’s just one way to find out—let’s talk! 

Our Customers Love Us

"[Vensure] employees are wonderful and very helpful! I never wait to hear back when I have a question and [the representatives] are outstanding in what they do. Love, love working with Vensure!"
Kathleen Bahr
Owner, Amelia Island Maintenance
"Your service takes a lot of work off a small staffed office like ours."
Vicki Dupree
Payroll, Olive Branch Mississippi Chamber of Commerce

What Kinds of Businesses Use PEO Services in Maine?

PEO services are valuable for many different industries, including healthcare, manufacturing and legal services. VensureHR provides Maine PEO services to companies at all scales:

  • Small businesses of up to 10 employees
  • Mid-sized businesses of up to 100 employees
  • Large corporations
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Start-ups
  • Businesses hiring employees in other states

Benefits of PEOs

When you work with VensureHR, you’ll have the ability to:

  1. Spend time on important business—not everyday busy work
    If you’re like many employers, you spend hours every pay period getting payroll right, while laboring over routine HR tasks like benefits administration. But once you hand-off these tasks to us, you’ll be free to work on the bigger picture.
  2. Optimize labor compliance, while minimizing your risks
    Employment law compliance in Maine is a complex, ever-changing environment. Our compliance services team help you operate compliantly at the federal, state, and local levels, while our risk management specialists help improve workplace safety.
  3. Save money on HR administrative costs
    Studies show that employers who use a PEO save up to 35% on HR administration alone. In addition, they save on hiring costs as a result of lower turnover and gain access to more affordable employee benefits options. 

Think these advantages could benefit your business? If so, complete our contact form—so you can put us to work for you! 

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Offering PEO Services in Maine - and Beyond!

Founded in 2004, VensureHR is the fastest-growing PEO in the country. We serve employers in all 50 states, plus Canada and Mexico–and we’re one of the leading PEO providers in Maine.

Along with our years of HR expertise, we leverage industry-leading HR technology to provide our clients with a broad range of human resources solutions.

Our cost-effective HR outsourcing services free business owners to focus on their plans and profits, secure in the knowledge that their HR and payroll is well taken care of.

FAQs About PEO Services in Maine

A PEO (short for professional employer organization) an organization that delivers HR outsourcing services, including employee benefits, payroll processing, HR admin, and more on behalf of an employer. By entering into a co-employment arrangement, the PEO becomes the employer of record, freeing company leaders to focus on building and managing their business.

We serve employers throughout the state of Maine, whether they’re in Lewiston, Auburn, Scarborough—you name it. We operate in every county from Cumberland to Penobscot and everything in between.

In short, we are one of the leading PEO companies in Maine—all 33,215 square miles of it.

Most PEOs charge their clients based on a percentage of their total payroll. This fee structure allows for scalability—i.e. the cost increases or decreases according to the number of employees and their wages. Of course, the exact percentage varies depending on factors such as the services provided and the size of the client’s workforce.

It’s no coincidence that we’re the nation’s fastest-growing PEO—we know our stuff. We really get to know our clients, so we can provide just the services and resources they need. (You can check out some client reviews and recent awards elsewhere on this website.)

Definitely!  Research shows that using a PEO saves employers up to 35% on HR administrative costs alone. And there are other financial advantages, such as access to affordable employee benefits, and indirect savings, such as improved employee retention, which lowers recruitment and onboarding costs.  

We can’t speak to how other PEOs work, but we can tell you that we thoroughly customize our human resources solutions to meet the needs of each client. It’s in our interest and yours to ensure that you get exactly what you want and need. And should that change as time goes on, we’re able to quickly adapt. We’re flexible—so, yes, services are customized to fit your needs.