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Not an HR Expert?

No Worries.

With VensureHR, you’ll have a
whole team that is.

Studies indicate that business owners spend at least one-fifth of their working hours dealing with human resources issues. If you’re one of them, take a moment to imagine what you could do if you spent that time on growing your organization.

Partnering with VensureHR can give you your time back. We help with every aspect of HR, like onboarding new hires, creating employee handbooks, delivering training, and even providing termination assistance. Outsourcing your human resources needs to our team makes your work easier while also ensuring your compliance with employment law and managing your employer liabilities.

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Why Letting Us Handle Your HR
Makes Sense.

Pros that Know HR Inside
and Out

HR is a complex field, with rules changing frequently. When you work with VensureHR, our HR professionals handle virtually all of the work for you. It’s their job to stay current on the latest state and federal employment laws so that you don’t have to. They’re also ready to answer your questions about and ensure compliance with these and other HR rmatters:

Integrated HR Technology

VensureHR clients have access to Vfficient, our comprehensive HR management software. VfficientHR is built to track and manage all stages of the employee lifecycle, saving time and frustration along the way. And because all data is stored in the cloud, you’re able to access it securely almost no matter where you are. Employees will be able to access Vfficient through a self-serve portal, allowing them to easily enroll in benefits, track their hours, change their withholding status, receive mandatory training, and view and print their paystubs.

More Than You Expect

There are times when you need additional HR services or support that go beyond day-to-day needs. Fortunately, VensureHR is prepared to help. Talk to us about:

…and additional growth-related HR opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

VensureHR works with companies that already have an HR team as well as those that don’t. Our technology, combined with our internal team of SHRM-certified HR professionals, give your internal staff the support they need. This not only puts additional resources into their hands, it helps to protect your business by ensuring your compliance with state, federal and local compliance laws and regulations.
Having a team of HR professionals to back you up from day one is critical as a startup. In fact, a lot of startups choose to work with VensureHR because we put the right HR foundation in place that allow them to scale their business quickly—while making sure they remain in full HR compliance as they grow.
We understand that, as a business owner, you heed to weigh the pros and cons of every decision—including whether to hire internally or outsource certain business functions like HR. Opting to work with VensureHR allows you to put your hiring dollars towards expanding your sales team or other revenue-generating employees. In addition, VensureHR is built to scale with your business, so as you grow, we grow right along with you. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about having an employee working trying to handle every aspect of your human resources; instead, you have a team of specialists taking great care of your HR needs.

Businesses that work with a PEO like VensureHR grow seven to nine percent faster than similar-sized businesses that don’t. They also have 10 to 15 percent less employee turnover and are approximately 50 percent less likely to go out of business. (

Many different types of companies, across a variety of industries, partner with VensureHR to take advantage of our PEO options. This includes non-profit organizations too. In fact, our PEO services often help non-profits like yours keep costs under control so that you can devote your time and resources to your primary mission.

Get 2 Months Free Admin

Schedule a Business Diagnostic and we'll lock in 2 months free admin when you sign with us.

Get 2 Months Free Admin

Schedule a Business Diagnostic and we'll lock in 2 months free admin when you sign with us.

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