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01 Dec

Hot New Tools Small Business Owners Ought to Discover for 2017

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Is 2017 the year you double-down on growth for your small business? Are you tired of plodding along at a steady pace and want to significantly ramp up growth for your company? Thanks to entrepreneurs in the small business development space, there are now more resources than ever for business owners like you. Check out the following collection of hot new tools for small business owners; you might find the resources necessary to supercharge your business development plans.


Skrumble combines the power of instant messaging with video teleconferencing and business phone systems. You can host video conferences with your team regardless of their location, message person-to-person or entire groups, and place phone calls to your staff’s mobile or work numbers within Skrumble. If you like Slack but want to take it to the next level, check to see if Skrumble might be the communication interface your small business has been looking for.
( is a must-discover resource for small business owners. Connect with small business owners around the globe and find everything from collaboration opportunities to marketing ideas for your company. hosts information sessions with successful entrepreneurs, lets users post questions and interactive polls, and offers a variety of helpful information on topics like getting started, acquiring customers, and finding funding. If you only add one small-business tool to your arsenal this year, might be your best choice.

Boost the News

To improve the effectiveness of your content marketing, add Boost the News to your marketer’s bag-of-tricks. Their helpful platform lets you create alerts for content relevant to your target customers and discover social reach statistics for content you find. Know in advance if the content you share with your audience is resonating online and unearth viral content before your competitors do. Boost your small business’ reputation by consistently being one of the first in your community to discover trending articles.

Building your brand is made easier when you uncover hot new tools specifically designed for business owners like you. The above-listed resources might be just what you need to attract new customers to your company.

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